It Isn’t That I Don’t Dig the Hello Kitty

As much as I like all of the Hello Kitty crap that someone somewhere is making a killing off of here is one thing I just cannot get behind.

The Hello Kitty Waffle Maker:


Ewww. The waffles look like little turds.

The guy in Target looked at me like I was insane when he saw me taking a picture of this with my phone. 

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  1. I’m always getting odd looks for taking photos of things with my mobile. We once got kicked out of Ikea for taking photos.

  2. Turds…hahahahahaha. My niece spent ten minutes trying to convince me she needed that very item today. I’ll have to tell her it makes turds not waffles.

  3. Oh, it gets much worse than that…much, much worse…

  4. Ew, ew, ew!!!!

  5. I read on the Rice Daddies blog that there is a Hello Kitty ear picker. Aww yeah….

  6. There is a part of me that wants to deck out Hello Kitty head to foot and pretend that I’m so crazy 39 year old Suburban Princess Neko whack job.

    I think the fact that I just wrote that sentence might actually mean I am one anyway.

  7. Hello Kitty cat turds. Ick. And I love the ads showing up for your amazon sidebar. The Hello Kitty Toaster. Think it makes hair ball toast?

  8. I take pictures in the Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Target ALL the time … I’m sure I have a reputation there! LOL

  9. I saw a hello kitty bike, and I tried to find it again to link you to it, but it’s gone….my bestest girl is into HK, so I’m constantly looking for random stuff. THere’s also a toaster that burns the HK image on your toast. I’ve also seen the coffee maker and telephones and cd players.

  10. Oh! I saw that in Target the yesterday and thought “that would make a funny blog post” but alas I’d left my camera at home. Glad I’m not the only one who thought this was strange.

  11. There is the fucking cutest Hello Kitty CD player at Costco that I want to get my 2 year old. But hell, she’s only 2. I say she’ll grow into it, dammit!

    P.S. I just so happen to have a Hello Kitty wet dream posted on my site right now….

  12. Kira’s opening a Hello Kitty Etch-a-Sketch on Christmas.

    Seriously, that thing is everywhere. mk

  13. My wife can’t get enough of the Hello Kitty crap. I think it’s the Asian in her.

  14. go you. i love taking pictures in the store. people think you’re nuts, but its so worth it!

  15. I’ve seen the toaster but not the waffle maker.

    Hello Kitty is the antichrist! 😉

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