These Twins Accidentally Married Each Other


You normally only read stuff like this in trashy novels, but this was on CNN.

They didn’t know they were related. They really didn’t know that they were twins.

bridegroom2sa5These two were seperated at birth, adopted by different families and ended up getting married.

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  1. Well, that brings on a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘love your sibbling’!

  2. I doubt the sourcing of this story. Basically, it quotes a guy who heard about it from some other guy. Dubious, to say the lease. But sensational, so CNN runs with it!

  3. i read that on CNN, can you even possibly imagine how they felt when they found out…

  4. That’s crazy! Good thing they didn’t have kids.

  5. [Speechless]

  6. Maybe I’ll wait until they are on Dr.Phil before I believe it’s true or not. What ever became of fact checking in the media? Why doesn’t anyone do it anymore?

  7. Gross!!! I have a twin and I can’t imagine marrying him :) Yah, that would be a whole other interesting blog post.

  8. i read this article to my boyfriend and his response was “i think i could get by it,couldn’t you?” **insert concerned glance from me** “can you imagine backtracking after our 5 year relationship? nightmare!”
    lol, i’m not sure what i got myself into sometimes :)

  9. I just showed this to my son. He was like “ewwwwwww”. He can barely sit in the same room with his twin sister. Marriage? So freaking creepy!

  10. Yikes.

  11. Oh dear god. That is just a bit off.

  12. I don’t know what everybody’s problem is, this is not a gross story or a freeky story, if anything it is a very sad story. If any of you have ever been adopted or ever feel alone, then you must know what it feels like to finally find someone that truely feels perfect for you. It is a sad situation, something that they will have to get over and hopefully beable to stay close as a family now that they know they have a blood sibling out in the world. All these freeky, gross comments are exactly why their identities haven’t been put on the news or internet. they don’t neeed to be condemed they had no idea they were related, and when they found out they had their marriage annuled. Obviously they weren’t trying to commit acts of incest.

  13. Can’t imagine. At all.

  14. Frank Sucks says:

    Can’t ya see it while they were courting?

    Wow! We have the same birth date, from the same place? You mean we were in the hospital together? Wow, you like read my mind, we are so meant for each other!!!!

  15. Oh my gosh. What are the odds of that ever happening. Eeesh.

  16. I saw that too. Very weird story.

  17. I want to see a picture..wouldn’t you think they would look a little bit alike??

  18. Um… twins don’t necessarily look alike. Mine are polar opposites, and they’re both girls! Gasp! I’d have to say this is quite sad. I honestly can’t imagine how I’d feel if I found out the love of my life was my brother, but I can imagine that it wouldn’t be pretty.

  19. Isn’t the blood test your supposed to take BEFORE you get married supposed to stop this sort of thing. Or are us Okies the only one’s still taking that test. No jokes about Okies please!;)

  20. My twins are brothers but don’t look much alike to me.
    Fraternal twins can be as totally different as if different age siblings in boy/boy/ or boy /girl.

    My best friend is girl/boy twin set and her brother doesn’t look like her either or get along well.
    I agree it is very sad for these twins – they have lost each other twice .I know it was TV soap but it was serialised in Sons & Daughters – boy meets girl and hey – you guys are twins … this was the foundation for pilot episode.

  21. good job the twins did not have any kids,had they had babies,the babies would have been born with disabilities due to parents being related by blood

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