Today we got through our surgery without a hitch.

Tomorrow my friend Susan is having a double mastectomy.

bring it on  tomorrow button

Screw you IBC. You are no match for Susan.

Here’s hoping that your operation goes as well as ours did.



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  1. Team WhyMommy. Holding hands united for Susan. XXOO

  2. Big hugs, thoughts and warm wishes for Susan.

  3. Amen!

  4. Wishing Susan a speedy recovery!

  5. Go Susan – holding you in my thoughts.

  6. I am so totally jealous that the tonsil surgery went so well! My son has had eight surgeries, including one on his heart, and NONE was worse than that stupid tonsillectomy. He stopped breathing in recovery and had to stay in intensive care. I will never forget a nurse standing over my son trying to revive him and saying, “Don’t quit on me!” That was pretty cool.

    Wishing Susan courage, strength and a full recovery.

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