Recovery Blows

I spoke too soon.

The boy was a trooper yesterday. I think our final Popsicle count for yesterday was either 11 or 12. He even tried to eat (demanded really) fettucini with spaghetti sauce. I drew the line at meatballs. I said no way.

That is when it all went downhill.

I don’t know which term is more appropriate vomit or regurgitation. Either way it was ugly.

So far today I have spent most of my time either trying to convince him that the painkillers will make him feel better or just rocking with him in the recliner.

Thankfully my Mom is here and she never seems to get tired of reading book out loud, even the Dora the Explorer books that are mind-numbingly repetitive.


My thoughts are still with Susan for today. You can get updates on how she is doing on Stimeyland.

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  1. Oh dear, hope he is better fast. (And I’m just going to keep lying to Mia, if you don’t mind. She’s worried enough as it is.)

  2. Oh no! That’s not any fun at all. Benadryl is an excellent anti-emetic, if you are in need of one.

  3. I’m sorry he’s not doing well today, we’ve been thinking about him! Maybe you need the painkillers more than he does?

  4. Hope he feels better soon. I remember the agony following that procedure. Not fun.

  5. Ugh. I’m sorry.

  6. Ew. Sorry. But, rocking while getting Mommy hugs can be the best medicine sometimes. Hope he feels better really soon!

  7. I’m sorry to hear that the recovery turned sour. I’m glad you have your mom there to help. Did she bring any books on CD?

  8. oh sarah my heart is with you. i’m so glad carol is there. give everyone my love, you are an amazing and loving mama.

    aunt sarah,
    i miss you. I love you!

  9. The first couple days of recovery are the WORST. But soon enough he’ll be back to his happy self again. Until then, chin up and hang in there.

    Thank goodness for mommies.

  10. Poor kid. Hope he feels better soon and there’s no repeat performance of the fettuccine incident.

  11. Well, since the first thing on your mind is probably semantics, here you go: it’s vomit if the food made it to the stomach before coming back. If it’s been digested, it’s vomit; otherwise, he regurgitated. If any time passed since the eating, though, it’s almost certainly vomit.

    Probably doesn’t make anyone feel better, though, huh?

    Good luck — take care and best wishes to the boy.


  12. Hugs and get well wishes from Minnesota =-)

  13. I hope the recovery heads back uphill stat!

  14. The painkillers actually MADE me throw up. I was better off with just Tylenol. FWIW. Poor little guy.

  15. Thank God for grandmas. I don’t know what we’d do without all the grandparents here in town. Is he doing better today?

  16. If Ian won’t take the pain meds maybe you should, then the barf might not seem so terrible.

  17. Glad he made it through like a champ and I sure hope he’s not puking anymore. Feel better Ian!!!

  18. I hope he’s feeling better today…that post-op photo is awesome!

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