Your Turn

I promised that I wouldn’t talk about butt-holes today so… I’ve got nothing.

Let me ask you guys a couple of totally unrelated questions.

1) What are you reading right now?

2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear?

3) Why won’t my cat shut the hell up?

4) What is your favorite kind of soup?

5) (This one only applies to other parents of twins, the rest of you are excused from answering #5) Do you have one twin that is right handed and one twin that is left handed? I do, and it seems like it is common.

That is all. As Tim Gunn would say, carry on.

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  1. 1) What are you reading right now?

    “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. Amazing book centered around India.

    2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear?

    I don’t get many zits any more, but I sure as hell can grow hair just about anywhere.

    3) Why won

  2. 1. I am almost done with Poisonwood Bible (much better than I thought it would be) and getting read to read No Country for Old Men.
    2. Well, I’ve had them IN my ears, so I guess behind is possible too.
    3. Either kitty is tired of winter or kids, or just plain tired.
    4. Avgolemono Soup–Greek Lemon Chicken soup with rice or orzo pasta.
    5. Cannot answer.

  3. 1. Just finished deadly decisions by kathy reichs.
    2. Yes
    3. Has she had sex lately? Cat penis’ have barbs on them to insure fertilization. Ouch.
    4. Chicken noodle. Homemade.
    5. I was going to say mirror image twins. We had a set at my school. They were bitches. Oh well.

  4. 1) Candy Freak by Steve Almond

    2) Sure, why not? Channeling my dermatologist father, I’d say you could get one any place you have skin.

    3) She doesn’t like the kitty litter.

    4) Matzo ball.

  5. 1. Come On, People. (Cosby & Pouissant)
    …and his lovely wife (Connie Schultz)
    Practically Perfect in Every Way (Jennifer Neisslein)

    2) Having never put forth the effort to try, I really don’t know if I can or not.

    3) Your cat is trying to answer question 2.

    4) Three way tie:
    A. French Onion, but it must be made with Gruyere not Swiss or :::shudder: Provolone.
    B. Matzo Ball, but must not be from a jar nor can.
    C. Hot and Sour.

    5) I do not have twins, but I do have a pair. The pair I have are both right handed, however the older one bowls, bats and golfs as a lefty. I am lefty who does all of that as a righty.

    I’m glad you told us to “Carry On” because I don’t really want to go and clean up my work space.
    I hope I have immunity.

  6. 1. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garc

  7. 1. a book is outside on the table but I don’t remember what it is and am too lazy to go and look.
    2. Yes, going by the fact I have one inside mine at the moment.
    3. It is a cat. It is what t hey do.
    4. Bacon, Cheese and Leek. Although on a holiday to the out-laws (whoops I mean in-laws) ages ago I had a cup of soup take away from Moven Pick in TOronto and it was the best thing I’ve had in my life. I’m not sure now if it really was good, or if it was because I am so not used to snow and cold, and was dying in the north american winter.

  8. Oh wow! Moven Pick! A blast from my past. when I was little I thought it was “Move And Pick” because it’s sort of cafeteria style.

  9. 1. My Life in Paris, Julia Child; The Making of a Chef, Michael Ruhlman (I sense a theme).

    2. Can’t say that I have

    3. Is she in heat?

    4. Chicken and Barley with Sage, or Beef and Barley

    5. That never would have occurred to me

    We had a Movenpick here in Boston, for a while. It was great, but it’s gone now, which is a bit of a bummer.

  10. 1) What are you reading right now? – Just finished Ken Follet and haven’t started my new one yet.

    2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear? Yes and it hurts like a mother when you squeeze it

    3) Why won

  11. 1) What are you reading right now?
    You Suck by Chris Moore

    2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear?
    Yes, and inside your ear too

    3) Why won

  12. 1) This post. (I’m a dumb smartass. Is that an oxymoron?) Just finished The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Dr. Bruce Perry. Next up: I Dare You by Joyce Meyer.

    2) Absolutely. You hafta google this: Perry Had a Pimple by Heywood Banks.

    3) He/She wants to be on American Idol and you’re not setting up the audition, damn you!

    4) Baked Potato Soup from Bennigan’s

  13. Just answering to number 5, Jude has just showed that he is left handed. After discussing this with my husband’s sister (also a twin), she said that she’s a southpaw as well, but her twin is right handed. Our Nate is a rightie as well. Now I’m gonna have to quiz all my friends who have twins… but I’m wondering about the triplets.

  14. Hmm I know quadruplets…I wonder what happens with them!

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