What The Hell is Sarah Reading? Episode 2

I still have this stupid cold/flu/scurvy whatever-the-hell is making me miserable.

I am to tired to be clever, so instead we will play a little game called What the Hell is Sarah Reading?

(You may remember this game from Episode 1: The pig fisting episode. Thank you Anthony Bourdain.)

This one should be a little bit tougher. Let’s see how you do. (If they look funny it is because I am reading this book on my Palm Pilot.)

The first Paw Print, that’s our first clue:

mystery book 2 clue 1

2nd clue:


Good luck and God Speed.

My kids have been out of school for three weeks. I’m going back to bed.

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  1. Got me.

  2. Trees in Brooklyn are only a myth

  3. Dubya beat me to it…

  4. A tree grows in Brooklyn :)

  5. Haven’t a clue.

  6. no clue on the book unfortunately. 3 weeks out of school is pretty bad. I kept Gabriel home today just because the flu is making it’s way around. The last thing we need is me and him getting it and then me having the flu when I have to give birth next month. I can try to avoid it, but that damn flu is everywhere we turn. It is stalking us!

  7. Well, I don’t remember the baby machine, but I do remember Francie. I’m going with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, too.

  8. I didn’t remember the first one..but I did remember the 2nd…What a classic AWESOME book. Timeless really. Did you read Frank McCourt at all? I guess I can go look. He has some awesome stories about life in the city..

  9. I was beaten by all the other smarties!

    I do enjoy this game – I wonder what you’ll read next!

  10. I would have been cheating since you told me you were reading this, but I’m still flabbergasted at reading on a Palm Pilot.

  11. Damn, people already beat me to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

    Are you loving it?

  12. i’m too slow! Hope it is good and you feel better soon…

  13. I should start doing this. Have I told you that you are probably the biggest reason for my “read more, and keep track of what you read” resolution? You inspired me!

  14. I’m with Ree. You can read books on a Palm Pilot?

  15. i’ve never read it, but i knew what it was because someone was reading from it on NPR earlier today. or maybe it was yesterday…either way, that’s pretty weird.

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