Randomness Part 104

Most interesting search term this week: I decided it was time to taste my first penis.
Runner Up: Miley Cyrus poops her pants.
2nd runner up: stalking is super duper fun

I seriously wonder who is taking the time to type these things into google.

Speaking of stalking, I’m thinking that when the kids go to Kindergarten instead of getting a full time job I might just stalk Bossy for 25 – 30 hours per week.

Is it just me or is Virginia Woolf boring? I just finished reading To the Lighthouse. Now I understand that she was innovative and brilliant, and she can paint one hell of a picture with words, but

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  1. My personal favorite alternate phrase is “Many swears!”

    It is used with fair frequency. mk

  2. Sarah you fucking make me laugh and I love it.

    I’m the Queen of “Geez Louise!”

    I say it so much my sister-in-law calls me Weezy.

    And I’m dying over the Ted Danson search item. Who comes up with this stuff?

  3. I totally agree about Virginia Woolf – I find that her life and her philosophy behind writing are much more interesting then her actual works.

    My favorite non-curse curse is Holy Hannah. Also been a fan of “Crap in a Can” (and variations of) lately. But most kids shouldn’t say crap, right? I’m never around kids, but try to keep language PG with my employees.

  4. Oh, my god. How much do I hate To the Lighthouse (and all other VW work)? So much that when I was in my M.A. program and my prof assigned To the Lighthouse and said her dissertation was on some obscure VW crap, I STILL said, “This is awful. This is the worst thing I’ve ever read.”

    I still think that’s why I didn’t get an A in that class.

    I usually go with “heckity heck”. Or craptacular. Oh, who am I kidding? I say the f word all the effing day.

  5. penis tasting? Bizzare.

  6. I hate to admit that I’ve never read Bossy before.
    So I read Bossy this evening.
    I am now addicted to Bossy.
    I recommend stalking.

    Virginia Wolfe = Snoozeville
    The Ted Danson thing scared and confused me.
    Don’t forget “Rats!” – that was my favorite “curse” word in 3rd grade.

  7. i have a weekly series called “sunday google-age” where i talk about the random search terms i get in my site stats. there are some seriously crazy people out in the world…

  8. Son of a chicken plucker, Good gravy train and because we are so patriotic, I always say GOD….take a second or two pause…bless America.

    Usually though if I say Son of a, my freshly turned 3 year old girl finishes it properly for me, screaming BITCH so that my uber religious mother in law hears her each and every chicken plucking time.


  9. I’m a teacher so I’m the queen of Jeez Louise, Son of a Biscuit and also Cheese and Rice…I feel like such a loser :)

    Oh and I love your search terms. Mine usually consist of “Melina Boobs” “Strip Foosball” and “Can you get pregnant from a toilet seat” honestly I get about ninety hits from each of them!

  10. I’m attempting to read ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ by VW and to me it’s just a mind boggling tangle of crap, it’s like trying to write the thoughts out of my own mind and expecting someone else to be able to read and decipher them. i’m going to give it another go, but i think by now its been about a week and i’ve forgotten it all by now..

  11. Penis tasting? Miley Cyrus pooping? Ted Danson?

    I’m going to have to visit your archives, because you must have some very interesting posts in there.

  12. Oh, don’t tell PunditGirl about Miley — she’ll be crushed!

  13. You’re going to have to get behind me in the Bossy stalking line.

    A book that’s like Ambien? I’m on it! Sigh…I miss Ambien so, so much. I had to stop taking it, since it made me want to drive my car into a brick wall.

  14. I haven’t received any other interesting search terms since Grandma Porn a few years back. You’re are very good though; really good.

  15. and did Ted Danson, y’know, sing any other songs? My favorite right now is “Premenopause is killing me”.

  16. Those have to be drunk people looking up those things. I have purposely steered clear of Bossy for the very reason you state. I waste enough time reading you and others, I really don’t need to add to the repertoire. And I’m loving heckity heck as one commenter suggested, so I’m going to have to start using that one.

    I’m now leaving to find out the poop on Miley Cyrus…

  17. I can’t quite wrap my head around that PHOTO of Ted Dansen. How did he get so freakishly tan?

  18. Your search terms are like my spam mail! I don’t get search terms this awesome.

    Dude. I’m like, jealous of your search terms! LOL

  19. Jeeze Louise is one of my favorites too! While belting out some really hard songs during RockBand I said Shit..then apologized to the 8 year old and for the rest off the time used “Jiminey Christmas” which didn’t quite make ME feel as good.

  20. “Did Ted Danson song anny other sings then my dad”

    You’ve got a new tagline for your blog.

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