Randomness Part 105

Why do they refer to Comic Strips as “The Funnies”? They never make me laugh. NEVER. (Oh come on, somebody had to say it. You don’t know why you read them either.)


Is it sad that Gabe and I sit around and watch the reruns of “Top Chef” reunions?

I thought so too.


Really, Ralph Nader? You announced you are running NOW? Aren’t you just a little bit embarrassed?


Is it just me or did Grindhouse (Planet Terror and Death Proof) really suck?


I never thought I’d say this, but this Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck video is hysterical. (Thanks Busy Mom)

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  1. 1 – Thanks for finally saying it.

    2 – I watch Real World Reunions. I win. (I can’t believe I just admitted that)

    3 – This annoys me to no end. He’s just going to take votes away from the real candidates. Loser.

    4 – Didn’t see them. And by your review, I’m guessing I wont’. Ever.

    5. OMG. ROTFL.

  2. I haven’t laughed since Calvin and Hobbes went away. That did make me laugh.

    And, I have mad love for Top Chef and the new one starts right about my birthday….I’d like to think it’s Tom Collichio’s personal gift to me since this year on TV has sucked ass.

    Thanks, Tom….I think you’re kind of hot in a paunchy bald guy kind of way.

  3. I’m usually a lurker on your blog, but decided to pipe in on this one.

    1. They used to be funny … before they had to run everything through the PC-o-meter

    2. I still watch Star Trek reruns when they are on

    3. Ralph Nader needs to feel important, and there are a great many voters out there who don’t feel there is a candidate that represents “them.” Maybe this is a good thing.

    4. Should I know who Grindhouse is?

    5. I’ve seen this video on a few blogs today and yes, it is hysterical!

  4. 1 – Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County and The Far Side

    2 – This makes me understand #1 a whole lot

    3 – Feh – he ran in 2004 and no one even remembers. I still find it amusing though.

  5. 1. I laugh only Bloom County and the Far Side, so Mr. Big Dubya is pretty smart.

    2. The Top Chef reunions are awesome. Especially from the first season, when they make Tiffany cry. Hah!

    3. Ralph Nader doesn’t have the good sense to be embarassed by really almost anything.

    4. Grindhouse = The suck.

    5. Bwahahahahaha!!!

  6. I’m not sure what baffles me more: that you watched Grindhouse or that you seem surprised that it sucked.

  7. I love me some Top Chef – only two weeks until the new season! Er, I mean, no it’s not sad that you watch the reunions. It make me feel like I’m not alone. :)

  8. I’m glad I am not the only one that thinks that comics aren’t funny. Except Boondocks and my local paper is too conservative to run that comic anymore.

  9. it’s ben affleck’s best role ever!

  10. yeah, jimmy totally wins that contest. his video was hilarious!

  11. Mom at Work says:

    Little guy loves the comics. He demands that they be read. I find myself saying things like: “it’s funny because…OK, it’s not really all that funny.” Also, Sunday’s Lio required explanation of a whoopee cushion and why bringing one to church might seem funny but is really a bad idea.

    I am beginning to *hate* the funnies.

  12. God, that Ben Affleck video is hysterical. Still cracks me up.

  13. You are so right. The funnies NEVER even make me smile.

  14. That Jimmy Kimmel video is great.

  15. 1. I hate comic strips…they are absolutely not funny and half the time I wondering why they bothered even drawing the stupid things.

    2. Top Chef reruns of any episode is where I am…I can’t even wait for March 12th to come!

    3. Poor Ralph. We should just put him on a coin and make him an honorary president or something…before he dies.

    4. I LOVED Grindhouse…but I’m weird and I have few friends, all of whom love bad B movies like me. So that may explain it.

    5. Thank you for introducing me to the F’ing Ben Affleck video, my life is now complete.

  16. Dude, the Affleck/Kimmel video is AWESOME! Brad Pitt as a Fed Ex man? Genius!

    And there is nothing wrong with watching the Top Chef reunions, especially if that hottie CJ is on. I love me some of that tall drink of water!

  17. I laughed my jiggly little arse off until I looked like a bowl of jello when I saw the Kimmel video.

    Which really just shows a.) how out of shape I am, and b.) how pathetic my life has become…

  18. What Mr. Big Dubya says plus Pearls Before Swine and Wondermark (http://wondermark.com/), and speaking of marks, Doonesbury, which may not always be funny if you don’t keep up, but his war stuff (Vietnam and now Iraq) is more informative than the evening news.

    Yeah, Ralph The Mouth Nader. For a guy who’s ostensibly concerned about the little guy, he’s awfully full of himself.

  19. Ralph Nader is a spoilsport… and I LAUGH at Garfield anymore. I never used to though.. maybe I’m become simple?

  20. 1 Family Circus has to be the lamest funny ever, but I do love when “Not Me” comes and wrecks havoc in their insipid house.

    2 We watch Dog Whisperer over and over again. Our only pet is a Siamese cat.

    3 Grindhouse was pure torture. Once they brought Frodo out as a cannibal? Right back to NetFlix.

    4 You were the first person to send this to me. Bless you!

  21. jeminy. maybe I’m becoming simple… sheesh, I guess there’s the proof!

  22. Calvin and Hobbes used to make me laugh out loud. So did Garfield.

  23. Sometimes the comics make me chuckle, but I rarely read them, and can’t quite recall the last time they made me laugh out loud!

  24. My newspaper still runs Peanuts, which creeps me out, considering Charles Schulz has been dead, what, 10 years??

  25. Well, that kind of answers my question as to whether it’s worth staying up late to watch Grindhouse.

    We watch reruns of old Project Runways – the bad part is, I’ve seen them already.

    I miss Jimmy Kimmel. I’m too old for late night television.

  26. I really like Sherman’s Lagoon.

    Also, I really like Harrison Ford’s cameo in the Affleck/Kimmel video.

  27. Ralph Nader and his pathetic attempt to run for president once again makes me laugh more than “The Funnies” ever have.

  28. Nader is simply making up for the fact he never got to sit in a car, parked with a cute girl (or guy if that is his thing).

    At the time he wrote Unsafe at Any Speed, he couldn’t drive.

  29. Yeah, I don’t really laugh at the comics anymore. They’re all so serious.

    Love the f*cking Ben Affleck video. Although f*cking Matt Damon is a catchier tune.

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