Answer Me This – 3 of 3

1) What are the first, second, and third movies in your Netflix queue. No cheating or lying to sound cool. (If you don’t have Netflix, why not?)The Beatles

2) What are your three favorite Beatles songs?

3) Name three occupations that you think you might like. *


* No fair saying $5000 an hour hooker. Not that we all wouldn’t consider it for that kind of cash. Think about it. You could work one week a year. Sure, you’d be sore, but you’d also be rich and have a lot of free time.

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  1. 1-American Gangster
    2-Black Book
    3-Entourage Season 2 disc

    1-Martha My Dear
    and then that’s too hard, it’s like picking my “favorite” children, but Martha My Dear has always been my fav

    2-writer (duh)
    3-hmmmmmmm, stuck

  2. 1. I don’t have a Netflix queue. My husband does, and I have no idea what’s on it. Probably something I don’t want to watch, like “The Barn of Naked Pagans” or some such 1970’s exploitation film. He’s weird.

    2. Got to get you into my life (I used to rewind my tape and listen to that one over and over…I love the horns), Let it be, Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    3. I actually really, really love my own job (Starbucks manager). But I bet I’d also like to be a clinical nutritionist or a chef.

  3. 1. No netflix. I just don’t watch many movies anymore (the redbox in the grocery store has movies for a dollar a day and is therefore much cheaper).

    2. I must be the one person who doesn’t just idolize the Beatles. With a gun to my head I would pick: paperback writer, yellow submarine, and Lucy in the Sky.

    3. I really enjoyed my old job as a software consultant (it fit my need to be out of the office, but the admin paperwork was a bugger. Two more… personal chef (I don’t have the ego to put up with the crap that actually goes on in a professional kitchen) and brew master (I enjoy making my own beer).

  4. 1) Rendition, The Contract, The Jane Austin Book Club

    2) In My Life, I Saw Her Standing There, Come Together

    3) Travel writer, book editor, interior designer

  5. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    I dropped NetFlix like a bad habit a few months ago, however, if DID still have a queue:

    Knocked Up
    No Country for Old Men
    There Will Be Blood

    A Day in the Life
    Eleanor Rigby

    Freelance writer, smoke jumper, college professor.

  6. 1. Knocked Up
    2. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
    3. Something with Ralph Fiennes in it, I can’t remember what it is.

    I Will
    In My Life

    Food writer, pastry chef, mobility instructor

  7. Movies in my Queue:
    1 Death on the Nile
    2 Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
    3 Harold and Maude

    Beatles Songs I like:
    1. Revolution
    2. When I’m 64 (I appreciate it more now that I am actually getting closer to it. *sigh*)
    3. Yellow Submarine tied with Hey Jude tied with Saw Her Standing There, Tied With Twist& Shout tied with Let It Be.

    Occupations I think I might like:
    1. Show Host, whether it be radio or TV.
    2. stand up comic
    3. food critic (with personal trainer included as a benny)

  8. 1. Without a Clue, Twilight Zone: the movie, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (two old movies and one movie that hasn’t been released yet!)

    2.I don’t really like the Beatles (I’m sure I’ll be beaten over that. I like the song “In My Life”)

    3. I love my job (English teacher very,very much). If I had other jobs it would be scuba instructor (it was also a fun job), a stay at home mom, or a lawyer (if I never had a husband or family).

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