This Can’t Be Good

I’m no plumber, but this just doesn’t seem right.

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  1. Um, yeah. That certainly qualifies as “not good”. One might even say “holy shit!”

  2. Is that water dripping from the ceiling????

    HOLY MOLY!!!!

  3. oh shit!

  4. Kids turned on the tub upstairs, didn’t they?

  5. Profanities are definitely needed for that.

  6. That is a definite “Oh Crap” moment! (It looks like at least it’s falling into the sink? So it’s not going down to the next floor?)

  7. That’s definitely not right. It looks expensive.

  8. Crappity!

    Our kitchen did that once when the upstairs toilet overflowed. Water poured out of every recessed light.

    It was FANTASTIC.

  9. Oh dear. And yikes.

  10. Hey! We have one of those at our house, too! Except it’s more of a roofing problem than a plumbing one.

    I hope yours is less expensive than ours!

  11. OMG!!!!!! What did you do?!

  12. Ummm yeah we had a similer water “mess” but it was in our Deli! and we didn’t use “oh shit” it was much harsher! My manager called us @ 730 on a saturday night and all he said was” it is raining in the deli” You might want to get up here! HAHA and yes it was “raining” out of every tile and light in the damn place! However if you are like me you might enjoy a “waterfall” in your bathroom.

  13. Is it draining into the sink?
    Because, that would be cool.

  14. DAMN

  15. Who left the seat up anyways…?! :-0

  16. Could be worse.

    Could be pee.

  17. Cool, you get to have a shower while pooping!

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