Another Contest: What the Hell is Sarah Reading #4

Since Geena won my last “What the Hell is Sarah” contest

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  1. Crime and Punishment?

  2. Crime and Punishment yeppers

  3. What is the numeral “eight,” Alex?

  4. Oh, if it’s “Crime and Punishment”, I NEVER would have got it. Not a big fan of the classics, even though I am a librarian. I don’t care if they are classics. Most are boring. Yes, I said it. Boring.

  5. Can I just have a tit, because I have no clue what it is?

  6. Oh I do love this game! But I never seem to know what you are reading. Guess I should read more often!

  7. No thanks. I have more tit than I need. I willing to share though, if someone needs one or both.

  8. De in D.C. says:

    Call me clueless. But I don’t think I could fit my tit(s) in one of those shirts anyway.

  9. Yea, I’ll opt for the tit also because:

    A) I have no clue
    B) I have no use for a “Mommy needs a beer.” T-shirt.

    Hee, I almost wrote T-shit. Oh look, I just did.

    Oh, wait. Is it Crime & Punishment?

  10. I have no idea but it feels like a translation.

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