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I’m not really a violent person but I would love to beat the crap out of Caillou.


Full apologies to PBS Kids and Sprout (and especially my friend Jeannine) whom without this blog would not be possible. Not that they give me any money or anything. I just get most of my writing done while my kids are glued to Sesame Street or Caillou or (help me Jeebus) Barney.

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  1. Mom at Work says:

    I’m with you. I hate whining when it’s from my kid. Do I *really* need it from TV?

  2. When my kids were little the show was banned from our house. RB would actually say, “we can’t watch this, mommy doesn’t like it”.

  3. I soooooo agree. Can’t STAND that kid – if I were his mother I’d be sooooo tempted to knock his face off for the whining. Ugh.

  4. Totally agree. Caillou is a whiny brat.

  5. Oh, for real! That kid needs smacked.

  6. Thanks the gods that we are past that age. Not that Pokemon is any better.

  7. This is hilarious and I couldn’t agree more. My girls have outgrown Caillou (thank God), but when they did watch, I would often comment to my wife, “What Caillou needs is a good beating.”

    The narrator could use a whack or two as well.

  8. Could I take a turn too?

  9. I’m so glad my kids have aged out of that show. That is one whiny child.

  10. When my kids were small I could put up with A LOT for that fleeting moment of peace, but not Caillou. Just the initial syllable of the first word out of his mouth made me want to stab out my ear drums. Needless to say, my kids did not partake in the Caillou.

  11. where do the (normally sane) heads at pbs get the idea that any of us would welcome this whiney little brat into our homes? we are all WELL acquainted with the fact that kids whine- none of us needs reminding on that score.

  12. Madison LOVED Caillou when we didn’t have satellite. Now we have Noggin 24/7. I don’t have to listen to him anymore. But, i’d love to beat wow wow wubzey.

  13. Let me know if you need to do some rage work.

  14. I’ll hold him, you hit him. Just save a spot for me to punch too.

  15. ugh. Yes, I’d like to assassinate Caillou. He’s such a whiner. I’m always hoping Rosie punches him in the eye. :)

  16. The whining! Oh the whining! Make it stop!!!!

  17. perhaps it’s his annoying parents who need the smack.

  18. I want to get a hit in too!

  19. Cailliou never bothered me, especially when compared with Elmo and Dragon Tales. The boys are into Sponge Bob now, and well, I can’t even be in the room with it.

  20. Oh how happy I am to know I’m not the only one who’d love to put a roll of quarters in a tube sock and have at it on Caillou…and his numbskull non-corrective parents! 😉

    The very few times we’ve watched it we’ve done so as a group and I’ve told them I’ll let them know when Caillou could use his words (and tone) more effectively, and they have to let ME know when Caillou’s mom (if she really loved him 😉 ) should take the time to let him know to try a more effective and acceptable method of communication.

    (While I love Sesame Street, I sure wish they could work a bit on Baby Bear’s diction….)

  21. When Caillou comes on, my kid turns off the TV and says “Too bad.” Not as in, tough luck, but as in, too awful to watch.

  22. ack. F’in Caillou. He annoys me too and my kid loves him.. I try to change the channel before he pops up. Caillou is only on when I’m desparate.

  23. Oh. My. Word. Yes!

    Caillou, D.W. Read, AND those kids from Dragon Tales! What exactly are we going for here? I just had a conversation about this at a birthday party this past weekend. One mom also asked where the heck Max and Ruby’s parents are, because that Ruby is one pushy bunny.

    I am so glad to know I’m not the only one!

  24. I hate Calliou too. I used to make fun of that show all the time but then I heard that the girl who did Calliou’s voice died of cancer so now I feel kind of bad about everything I said. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

  25. I will hold him down while you beat him.

    There has been an increase in the requests for Caillou around here, because to a toddler KU and Caillou sound exactly the same. That fact alone is *almost* enough to make me regret being a KU student…

  26. My kids love that show and my wife and I go to great lengths to keep it off. Like kids need to be encouraged to whine. Damn Canadians.

    Also, what’s up with his lack of hair? Does he have a condition or is he a poor man’s Charlie Brown?

  27. I, too, wonder if he has alopecia. Is that what makes him “special”?

  28. I’m not sure who I want to smack first, him or his saintly parents. I mean, even the Bradys got annoyed with each other. Jeez!

  29. So glad to hear others dislike this kid/show as much as I do. Thought it was a generational thing (I’m grandmom to 3 yr old twins living w/me) I want to thrash that whiney bastard, and I can’t understand teaching kids to behave the way he does! “Caillou does this, that and the other because he is angry” my ass. Kid needs to be disciplined consistently. Showing parents who condone this behavior makes it harder on those who are trying to raise their kids to behave, show respect, accept authority. Parents have enough of a difficult time these days – this just makes it harder.

  30. Did you ever notice that every single adult in Caillou’s world is preternaturally calm and loves children? Everybody–every shopkeeper, train conductor, bus driver, and theater usher goes out of their way to be friendly to him. It’s my theory that he’s wished everybody else into the cornfield.

  31. You are not alone. I haven’t had to watch him in years, but just seeing his whiny face makes me want to punch him.

  32. Wow, haven’t read ALL the comments, but a quick scan makes me think we are not alone in this, my Goon Squad managing friend. We recently banned Calliou in our house because a certain spouse recognized that what I’d proposed months ago might actually be true: our son’s bratty behavior was modeled on Calliou’s. (For the record, my mom immediately rejected Calliou as a whiny brat, too the very first time she saw the show.) Max & Ruby was banned almost immediately back in January because it also had a dramatically detrimental effect on the Beaner’s behavior.

    Btw, I think Calliou’s behavior is often realistic; I just don’t want him modeling it for my kid. We stick to Yo Gabba Gabba, Little Bill, Wonder Pets, and Ni Hao Kai Lan now.

  33. Oh I am so with you on the whining Calliou. My husband hated Dora because she screamed everything and encouraged the kids to scream along but after half an episode of Calliou he decided Dora wasn’t so bad!

  34. I hate that fucker.

  35. All together now, to the tune of “Caillou’s Theme Song”:

    “…Caillou is a little whiny boy…Caillou is a whiny boy…”

    And then we turn on Ellen!

  36. I have a general hatred toward several of the PBS characters. This is probably why my kids are Nick Jr. groupies. We love us some Sponge Bob and Dora.

  37. I’ll help you with that if you’ll put a hit out on Diego for me.

  38. BTW, is Caillou in chemo? Where’s the hair? He’s like seven years old!

  39. Mommy of 2 toddlers says:

    Wow! Somebody took the words right out of my mouth! I can’t stand Caillou and it’s unfortunate that both my daughters LOVE him. AHHHH!!!! The second he opens his mouth, I want to stab out my eardrums. After reading these comments, I’m tempted to say that my oldest daughter is modeling behavior after Caillou and we will be banning the show and working back to a life with no more whining!! I know kids whine, but this show makes it OK and I disagree with that.

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