I Seem to have Misplaced My Feed

They say you learn something new every day. In the last month I have learned several things every day.

For example, if you change blog hosts it can mess up all of your feeds.

Or, if you don’t know what you are doing and you have 20 or so feeds for your blog and then only one works you could easily lose half of your audience.*


My point is that if you are no longer seeing my feed (especially in bloglines) please put this in there:


I miss you.

* Other random things I learned, salad bar does not equal healthy, a three year old boy can make anything into a “shooter” even a feather duster, people watch the tv really loud in the gym next to my hotel room, fast food is unforgiving.

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  1. You’re still in my feed reader :)

  2. We miss you, too! You had been showing in my feed last week, but then nothing today. I’ll try that new url.

    As to the fast food, it can be unforgiving in soooo many ways. Especially when your body is already screwed up due to extended travel. oy.

  3. You weren’t showing up in my bloglines, but I came over to your site anyway. I figured there was no way you weren’t actually posting. I even clicked your ads. Because I love.

  4. You’re better than I … I happened to have no knowledge of what a “feed” is, exactly. I can just add that to my post “Things I haven’t learned”.

  5. I haven’t lost you — I always read, even though I’m awful about commenting.

    I did enjoy learning of your monster alter ego via LHM’s post today. :)

  6. I lost you for a little while, and then realized that I hadn’t seen anything from you for a while. Then I re-added you and I now I see you again.

    Does that make any sense?

  7. you are still in my Google reader – no problems here

  8. I still don’t understand the google reader. So you might be in it or you might not, but either way, I wouldn’t know.

  9. I lost you in my feedreader but here you are.

    I’ll update it.

  10. The one and only reason why I don’t rely on feeds to get my fix. I haven’t missed a thing.

  11. I lost you. Glad I stopped by. That’s the one tihng I hate about feed readers

  12. I did the very same thing! And now I’m lost to the world! Sucks, doesn’t it?

  13. I had just realized today that this was happening. I’m slow. But I’ll change it in my feeder, cause I missed seeing you and the Goons every day.

  14. I missed you! I have become so dependent on Google reader, then today I said “Self, you should check your blogroll to see if you are missing out on anything” and there you were, and it said you had updated, but Google reader said nothing.

    I am glad I have found you again!

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