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How great is it to turn on The Today Show* and see your friends on there?

Kristen, Jill, Mir and Heather all did great jobs.Mir, kristen, Jill, today show people

I enjoyed the segment even if Kathie Lee Gifford is pretty much a tool and obviously hasn’t spent much time reading blogs. Did she actually say she was afraid of the computer?

She is worried about Dooce exposing her child to people, yet I know what Kathie Lee’s kids names are and what they look like too. What is the difference between talking about your personal life on a blog or talking about your personal life on a morning talk show. Oh, right. People are still reading blogs on a regular basis.

Photo used with permission from Mir.


* Fine, you caught me, I never would have just turned on The Today Show by myself. I find it mind-numbing, but I got the tweet from Kristen that they were airing the segment this morning and so I set up my DVR.

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  1. Kathie Lee is a dillweed. Not a bad person, but a dillweed, nonetheless.

  2. Very solid point. I think KLG has a big case of the Christian’s. Also known as,’I’m a huge hypocrite”

    If ANYONE has pimped thier kids out more that KLG please tell me.

  3. Yeah, what Maternal Mirth says. She is a complete dink. Could she have sounded any more inane?

  4. I watched too. Can’t wait to hear what poor Heather has to say. Certainly she has quite the opinion?!

  5. Agreed. I also love how it conveniently became time to end the segment when Dooce was just about to call out Kathie-Lee on her stupidity and say exactly what you just said – how is the blogosphere any different from a morning talk show?

    Think they hired her to make Meredith look smarter? After today’s show, it just might’ve worked.

  6. how, how, how did Kathy Lee get back on television? Hello, you’re in the media and you don’t know anything about computers? REEGE!

  7. Funny you should mention this b/c … I actually stayed home from work today to “clean my house” but was happy that I just happened to choose a day when Heather was going to interviewed…
    Which only made me like Kathy Lee even LESS… if that was even possible…

  8. I thought the bloggers did a great job too, and I can’t stand Kathie Lee. It was annoying that they only used tiny sound bites instead of, you know, a substantiative conversation with the group of women, but it’s TV, what’re you gonna do?

  9. She seemed proud that she was afraid of computers. Sad.

    But I thought Kristen & everyone else did great.

  10. Yay for the ladies! It was really hard to watch due to the Kathy Lee factor, but I finally stomached it.

    I guess blogging about your kids is NOTHING like splattering Cody and whatsher/hisface all over national television for years and years. Nope. Not similar in any way at all.

  11. I twittered this, but as usual, we are on the same page. My favorite part of the interview was who KLG winced as she asked Heather about posting photos of her kid on the internet and the blasted huge photos of Leta on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

  12. I think you just made the best point I have seen so far– that we know all about Kathie Lee’s kids as well. Every parent in the public eye chooses carefully the information they want to put forward about their children.

  13. It is so funny that people are just NOW all about blogs and like “OMG! Did you know moms talk about their kids on the INTERNET?”

    It would have been awesome if one of them punched Kathy Lee. :)

  14. Kathie-Lee doesn’t get blogging because she is paid to sit on a pedastal and talk and not listen. Blogging is about community and social networking. She’ll never get it.

    For that matter, I didn’t get blogging until I started. Now I’m hooked. And my friends who don’t blog don’t get what I’m doing. As a single dad writing about dating and parenting, it’s a great outlet from the craziness of having to date while simultaneously raising teens. Yikes.

  15. Kathie Lee was embarrassing – I can’t believe how she cut Heather off after asking her a serious question as well.

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