Because I Have So Much Free Time

You know what I was thinking the other day? I just don’t write for enough blogs.

I’m kidding.

Still, I am adding two more sites to my list.

The ladies at MamaPop have asked me to join them. How can I say no to a group of such talented smart-asses? I think I’ll fit right in. (With the smart assed part at least.)

In addition, Devra and I have started a fitness/work-out/weightloss blog. We’ve decided to call it Loser Moms. Get it? We’re losing weight? Well, hopefully we’ll be losing weight.

So yeah. That is what I am up to. How about you?

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  1. I barely have time to keep up with my personal blog, let alone any others.

  2. I love “Loser Mom” – fun word play. I haven’t blogged for about 2 months because I’m working on my book. But now I’m trying to get at it again. I have a second blog for the book…but I’ve only posted twice. I feel guilty when I spend time writing blogs instead of writing the book stuff…oh well…moms are always feeling guilty about something!

    new blog:

  3. I’m bored, that’s what I’m up to. Bored with blogging, bored with work, bored with life.

    So there you go. Sorry to be a wet blanket on a Friday.

  4. I am so counting the minutes until I leave work (early)… currently I have 1 hour and 36 minutes left…

  5. yeah!!!!!!I’m so, so glad to have you on board!

  6. Congrats on being invited to write with MamaPop. I enjoy thier site and I hope you enjoy writting with them!

  7. Know what ya mean. I just joined Deep South Moms Blog, the newest of the SV Moms Group, because apparently working full time, being a mom and keeping up with my own blog just isn’t enough. Congrats on your new gigs (and especially that trainer thing. Best of luck with that!)

  8. Yay! Another weight-loss blog! I’m on that path myself, and it’s so awesome to have other blog mama’s words to read on the subject. I could always use some more motivation to put the cookie DOWN.

    And congrats on joining MamaPop! I love that site, it’s like reading People magazine with a group of smart-asses (juuuuuust my style – haha).

  9. I am supposed to be writing for an Aussie Bloggers forum but I don’t really know that much about the mechanics of blogging. So yeah, don’t do much there *snort* I turn up, make fun of some of the seriousness people place on the whole process and then disappear.

    Yeah, I suck.

  10. I love how in your linking Jodi is ‘asses’ and I get to be ‘smart’. I would politely disagree and say it should be the other way around.

    Welcome aboard!

  11. You amaze me! Congrats on writing for one of my faves- Mamapop! I’ve been trying to write for them forever.

  12. Oh sure, what’s two more blogs, right?

    Love the idea of Loser Moms! If you ever need a guest blogger/regular intermittent blogger who is currently trying to lose weight and get fit, let me know. You know I’m trying to be hot by BlogHer and all. :)

  13. Woot! MamaPop is awesome! And you are awesome. Awesome, awesome!

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