The Nationals Game had a Bonus

Yesterday we went to a Washington Nationals game.

It was a beautiful day and we had free tickets and fantastic seats. The new stadium is beautiful and clean. What more could we ask for?

How about Luke Duke singing the National Anthem?


That’s right. You heard me. Tom Wopat sang the National Anthem at the Nats game yesterday. And he sang it well.

Sadly, I forgot my camera so all you get is this blurry picture from my iPhone.

Still. Luke Duke. Sweet.

(I was more of a Bo Duke fan myself, but I’ve heard John Schneider’s album and as far as singing goes I’ll stick with Luke.)

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  1. Tom Wopat sings?? Where have I been?

  2. Oh no, he di-in’t! Oh say, can he sing?

  3. Bo Duke was my 1st crush … well, Bo and John Cougar Mellencamp.

    I know, I am totally giving away my age and my cheesy 80’s taste in men.

  4. Oh my gosh? Who would have thunk they could sing? (Or wait. Maybe they can’t?)

  5. He used to do summer stock near Kalamazoo, where I grew up. He is awesome.

    Hey, your feed is broken again.

  6. Wait. Dude. Were you in the Presidential seats?

  7. I met Tom Wopat in NY when he was coming outside after performing in Annie Get Your Gun.
    A few years later, I went to see him in 42nd Street and he was very good.
    I was destined to be Mrs. Bo Duke (me likey the blondes) but I gotta admit, Luke has grown on me.
    Although, I did blog about meeting him and I’ve gotten some Google searches to my blog like “Tom Wopat is an asshole” a bunch of times, so, hmmmmm.
    Anyway, yeah, he can carry a tune well enough to do Broadway work.
    Now, Cooter, on the other hand….

  8. Which one was Wopat, Starsky or Hutch?

  9. Your iPhone actually takes good pics. Better than my Blackberry. I haven’t enjoyed a live baseball game in years. That needs to change.

  10. Luke Duke was much sexier. I don’t really go for blonde guys :)

  11. Those are killer seats!

  12. I didn’t even know that Luke Duke (or Bo Duke for that matter) even sang! That totally tops the Cubs game I went to this year and a six-foot tall person in a Dora costume threw out the first pitch.

  13. Your stadium kinda looks like our new stadium..I didn’t realize that until that picture..they are getting to be all so cookie cutter aren’t they…

    That picture turned out really well.. I’m going to a baseball game tonight, I’ll be lucky if we get a children’s choir singing.

  14. Did you know that Luke was a regular on “Smallville” and Bo was a guest star? Just some TV trivia for you, in case someone asks. Hey. It could happen.

  15. I have a cassette tape of me and my sister when we were kids, fighting over which one of the Dukes we were going to marry.

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