Last Day of School Math

2 children
0 pants
Summer Vacation

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  1. Wait, you don’t have any pants either? Woo hoo! Party!

  2. Mom at Work says:

    I’m not wearing pants, and I’m at work.

  3. What? And your feed seems to be missing again…

  4. 0 pants = normal Saturday for me.

  5. Sounds like paradise to me!

  6. no feed here. grr

    I go pantsless (jammie) now at night but am very aware of inlaws in the morning. the kids are so damn lucky. shisters.

  7. btw that grr was not to you Sarah lol it was to my bloglines reader or whatever is mucking it up. I wouldn’t grr at you, rawr at you? yes. but not grr

  8. Ya know… the whole no pants thing?

    Not such a good idea when they hit teenager-hood.

    Just so you know. :)

  9. Although their butts are cute, I would like to see them wearing pants on Sunday!!! Can’t wait to see you all!

  10. hmmm didn’t get this post in my reader, but i got the one above it. And before i forget i got the book in the mail…and you should have seen my face when i pulled out the bottle openner…seriously stoked!!

    i’m steeling myself for summer vacation, lucas’ last day of preschool is next wednesday, thankfully the three girls go thru the 25th.

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