Randomness Part 114

Is it just me or is everybody getting a lot of spam comments that say “Hi Dildo!”?

What do you mean those aren’t spam?


I love Anthony Bourdain anyway but this has got to be the greatest picture ever. It is Bourdain from the book “My Last Supper“. (Also see the picture after the jump. It is totally worth it, but I don’t know how my new hosting service would feel about it being on my front page.)


Aimee Mann has a bad attitude. Her new album is called @#%&*! Smilers.



(Photo by Melanie Dunea)

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  1. Wow, that’s a big bone!

  2. Hi Dildo!

    Boy that pic of Bourdain is just wrong.

    I was hungry but, now, not so much.


    Now I hate him more than ever and his stupid ass risk everything bullshit. Woah, so risky to eat crepes in France, or at a BBQ in Mexico w/his soux chef’s family. Grrrr.

  4. Holy crap.

    I don’t eat meat. But I’d totally eat his.

    I love him.

  5. I don’t mean to be immature, but this picture next to the caulk ad is killing me.

  6. EEEEEK!

    I like to think that he DID’T eat all the raw meat off of that bone before posing for this…but alas, I really have no doubt in my mind. crazy sunuvabitch.

  7. That guy is hot. And the caulk ad just makes it that much better.

  8. I didn’t know he had any tattoos.

    I think a recipe should accompany that photo.

  9. I didn’t know he had any tattoos.

    I think a recipe should accompany that photo.

  10. Oooh, I didn’t know Aimee Mann had a new album out. Love her.

  11. Mmmmmmm.

    I’m sorry, were you saying something?

  12. I love Anthony Bourdain’s books, but have never seen any of his TV shows. Had ZERO idea he was that hot. Thanks for sharing; besides his overall hotness, that is a great photo.

  13. Holycrap.

    I have to stop reading for a minute and just breathe hard for a few minutes.

    And not about the caulk.

  14. OK, Max just looked over my shoulder at that picture. Here’s what he said:

    “He’s naked!” *pause.* “He should go to the bathroom.”

    I don’t know why that is so funny.

  15. Thanks. That was the last thing I needed to see today.

  16. I love me some Bourdain, but something about that photo is just not right.

    I hope they bring Rocco and him back as guest judges on Top Chef so we can see Bourdain beat Rocco DOWN!

  17. I LOVE that man..and would SO hit that.

    WoW I sounded like a dude there for a minute

  18. Hi Dildo!

    I like Bourdain, but that photo scares me! I do like Aimee Mann though.

  19. He doesn’t look that tanned on TV.

  20. Uh, yeah. I happened to be looking through that book in a bookstore when that photo jumped out at me. I had to close the book really quick and make sure nobody saw me.

    And so, I knew exactly the photo you were talking about even before the jump.

  21. I downloaded the new Aimee Mann album but haven’t listened to it yet. As for the dildo comment, I think you’re on your own on that one!

  22. I am anxiously awaiting my Aimee Mann CD’s arrival. I’m not sure I’ll ever get that picture out of my head, though — too disturbing.

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