I have my first fantasy football draft tonight. I am unreasonably excited.

I think I have 5 live drafts (four online and one in person) and 2 auto-drafts this year.

Does that sound excessive?


My husband says that Fantasy Football is boring and it is like doing accounting for fun. Agree or Disagee?

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  1. I love fantasy football. You just reminded me that I need to find an online league. Thanks :)

  2. Ummm….I still don’t know what fantasy football is. Off to wiki it right now.

  3. Happy that it makes you happy. :) For me, fantasy football is an oxymoron. 😉
    Enjoy the season!

  4. Your husband is weird. Woot!!! It’s football season.

  5. Not excessive at all. I only have 2 drafts and now I feel like a slacker:)

  6. My husband is really into fantasy football but I’m nto so much. In fact I hate it and I think it’s stupid and I wish it had never been invented. Do you do the fake drafts for “practice”? I don’t get the point of those but my husband has done tons of them. How do you practice a fantasy football draft?

  7. Wow. Personally I think you are insane, my husband on the other hand thinks he married the wrong person. He is in 4 comps online and runs one (or is it two?) himself, add in all the tipping comps and football runs a largish part of our world. Of course I am talking about AFL (Aussie football), it has been a while since he was in a US football competition…

  8. I have to admit, I do neither fantasy football nor accounting for fun. But I totally understand the way people get caught up in it.


  9. Fantasy sports are teh suck.

  10. a) I pity your husband, as clearly he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

    b) That being said… 7 is a LOT of leagues to keep track of. But more power to ya if you’ve got the mental dexterity to keep track of it all.

    c) So… who’d you get?

  11. What’s your lineup? My draft is on Wed. As always waiting till the last minute.

    Are you sure your husband is a dude?

  12. Wait. Accounting IS fun.

    I do algebra/trig/calc in my head to fall asleep, doesn’t everybody?

  13. Agree with the husband, who until this post I wasn’t sure existed, but was too polite to ask. Fantasy Football? Hrumph. What’s next, Stratomatic Baseball with the plaid shirt, running shoes crowd? You geek.

  14. Fantasy football isn’t boring, but it screws up any chance I have of watching a football game like a normal person. Instead we’re flipping around to each game being broadcast because someone has a player going somewhere.

    Seven teams aren’t excessive, but eventually don’t you have every player in the NFL going in one of your leagues? How do you know who to root for?

  15. Woot!!! FOOTBALL!! FOOTBALL!! YAY!!! WOOHOO!!!

    *clears throat* Hehe, sorry about that.. I draft on Saturday and I looking forward to it. I would have a hard time keeping up with 7 teams but, I don’t think it is excessive at all.

  16. Yes, it is a bit excessive. I don’t know how you do all of those.

    I used to think it was so lame. Until I was in a fantasy football league. It made me pay way more attention to football because I didn’t just care what the Bears were doing, I cared about other teams.

  17. Playing fantasy football makes watching real football more fun! I can only handle two teams at a time, tho (I learned this a couple seasons ago).

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