Hey, remember a long time ago when I started the third annual traffic experiment?

Then I promptly forgot about it.


So let’s pretend that didn’t happen and I just said – the winner will be announced on September 15th.

Luckily for you since I am a moron there is still time to enter and win the gift certificate to Build-A-Bear. (You know, assuming I can still find it.)

Here are the entries thus far:

Kathi D is going with Busty Russian Lola Chicken butts.

Marilyn picked crenshaw melon tomboy boob suck. (Whatever that means)

RubiaLala chose katie baby bump grind broadway.

Elizabeth and her husband talked it over and decided on either World of Warcraft Boob Hack (or nude hack) or Man gives birth to his own twin.

Mamikaze went with free polygamist election summer porn.

Ree picked something that could be my about page ( if I was a freak) Sports freak with a vagina birthing twins.

Jen says these two things bring a lot of traffic to her site: zicam while nursing glorious boobs.

De in D.C. went with a safe one Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt twins.

Emily came up with subway homeschoolers rainbow jello shots discriminates.

Wendy chose to use hot girls dangerous thong

Nick(memBeth) says Anthony Bourdaine’s Massive Boner Pictures.

JessicaAPISS went with naked twin drunk girls streak baseball game.

The Other Bear went simple: toilet photos.

TIF RN came up with vagtastic harry potter twins blog.

Tito says Argument over beer.

SueBob says Jessica alba naked tits.

Creative-Type Dad chose to go with potty training nude andy gibb coloring pages.

JonB chose the current even route: Obama Porn, McCain Sex act with Iraq’s prime minister and Hillary’s Iran penetration for lower gas prices caused Tim Russert and George Carlin heart failure.

Christina says she gets a lot of hits for uterus pictures.

Jodifur picked make money working from home naked celebrity photos twins.

Ali (the winner from last year) came up with another one that confuses me: Ash and Dawn from Pokemon naked.

Ilina from Dirt and Noise came up with naked political junkie smacks Tom Cruise.

Jodifur says make money working from home naked celebrity photos twins.

Liz says that she gets at least a few hits every day for “mom like it big.”

Whit has chosen to go with free nude teen sex clinton.

M.A. Smith is going with deconstructing Cinderella. I wonder if she means the princess or the band?

Musing (who has good taste in men but obviously didn’t see the same Inside the Actors Studio that I did) says Johnny Depp for president.

Leticia from Tech Savvy Mama came up with a nice clean one – Vista sucks.

Wicked Step Mom says Underage Crossdressing Orangutang Politician.

Devra has chosen James Dobson Diapered Husband Myspace Page.

Mama Snyder might be on to something with Olsen twins chubby naked boobs.

I’m not sure which part of this she meant, so I’m just giving you Momo Fali’s entire comment: Wait. So, I’m not supposed to cradle and sing to my Mom’s granny-panties? I so cherish them. Dang.

Kara has a good chance of taking the prize with this one: Miley Cyrus Jonas Brothers smoking naked sex tape.

Catnip gets a lot of hits for can you smoke catnip?

MP has distrubing information. She gets a lot of traffic for Pictures of Penis Peeing and Little boy penis. (Please Google, don’t let this one win. No offense to mp. I just don’t think I could go on living. Also – if you got here searching for that, unless your son has a medical condition, shame on you.)

Izzy is getting hits for Exploded babysitter.

Supertiff suggested sisters peeing together.

Dana covers a multitude of topics with : rachel ray medical butt naked sushi jolie twins

House Frau gets hits for dog slut.

Shamelessly Sassy has just one wish: I sure hope I can hang thongs on my christmas tree this year.


From Karen Sugarpants – Miley Cyrus Big Teeth Toilet Brush Cankles

From Stimey – I like suppositories. (See, I didn’t even write Stimey likes suppositories like I wanted to.)

Joe is hedging his bets with these five:

erin moran molested by henry winkler

huge suckeling boobs

pinky tuscadero hand gesture

rat up in yo weave

what color was becky thatcher’s hair

Snarky Amber went with these three: the woman needed to tinkle, bridal party wet peeing panties split crotch, and wearing panties at your desk. (I worry about Snarky Amber)

Remember – you can still enter your own phrase. Just pick something that you think is search-worthy.

This contest will be open until August.

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  1. Oh we can still enter? AWESOME!

    I’m going to go with “Miley Cyrus Big Teeth Toilet Brush Cankles.”

    Don’t ask.

  2. Okay, please don’t write me up in the summary as “Stimey likes suppositories,” but I’m going to go with: I like suppositories.

  3. I could have sworn I’d already entered this but oh well.
    OK then here are a few verbatim. Go with whichever one allows me to win:

    erin moran molested by henry winkler

    huge suckeling boobs

    pinky tuscadero hand gesture

    rat up in yo weave

    what color was becky thatcher’s hair

  4. I can’t choose between these three:

    “the woman needed to tinkle”
    “bridal party wet peeing panties split crotch”
    “wearing panties at your desk”

    seriously, I should write about peeing my pants ALL THE TIME.

  5. I was wondering what had happened to this one. (My entry is under theotherbear. It was so long ago I lost that blog in a divorce and started a new one, got the new secret one discovered by family who were less than impressed by the content, and am now undercover. Or trying to think of a new blog name and fake name).

  6. This was used to search and find MY blog on google..I can’t make this shit up:

    sarah and the goon squad rap songs white

  7. i’m telling you. the top three searches to my site are all forms of pokemon porn. usually involving ash and dawn. and the “f” word. NICE

  8. I don’t even know what I meant by that. Oh wait, it had something to do with Anna Nicole…I think.

    Anyway, I would like to offer:

    -Big Ol’ Jed Left the Light On

    -Dark Mole on Butthole

    -Hellga Humiliates Small Lady

  9. zomg, I forgot about this! Dude – football season. I’m a shoe-in.

  10. Regrettably, I get lots of hits for “diapered women,” (no earthly idea why) so try that.

  11. On my blog, I talked about the princess, but for this experiment, who cares?

    I’d like to add: dog in the closet.

    I wonder what people are looking for when they search for that (are they looking for info on gay dogs?)

  12. I might be late entering, but today I got a hit for “Ghetto Grape Jelly BBQ Sauce”……which I think is a FINE search!

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