Adding Insult to Injury

There are very few things that anger me more than injuring myself when I am taking out the garbage.


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  1. Garbage-related injuries are particularly bad. Most require hospitalization and long-term counseling.

    Where’s the pictures?!?

  2. You’re not supposed to copy me! I did that last month and blogged it- “Klutz”.

    Hope you’re ok!

  3. I once broke my ankle when I was cutting the grass.

  4. hee

  5. My head went through a wall putting my shoes on once. Good times.

  6. Should I even ask how the hell you managed that?

  7. This is why my husband is in charge of taking out the trash.

    Now, if only he’d remember without me reminding him…

  8. One more reason why I don’t do trash!!

  9. I have to go down steps to take out our trash and and on more than one occaision tripped and fallen to the groung. Nothing like falling ontop of a trash bag… filled with liquids.

  10. I feel ya. My back has been out for two weeks because I pulled the cord on the blinds…? Wha…? Makes no sense AND hurts like a biatch.

  11. What is the point of being married to a man if you have to take out the trash?
    U OK?

  12. How about when you hit your head? For me, head hitting (on ANYTHING) = MAD. Immediately.

    Also? When I was filling in my info to comment? I had to stop AND THINK about my URL. Yeah. Something ain’t right there.

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