Apocalypse Now

I have a whole category on this blog dedicated to “Signs of the Apocalypse“. I usually reserve this category for unlikely happenings or things that I can’t explain – like getting up at 5:00 AM to exercise or people following Tori Amos on tour.

(I’ve done some research on the actual Seven Signs of the Apocalypse that were alluded to in The Bible but nobody actually seems to know exactly what they are. Horsemen and pestilence? Famine? Locust?

Wait do locust count as pestilence? Whatever.)

All I am saying is if you think that strange happenings could be signs of the return of Jesus to Earth you might want to go to church because today some things happened that I can’t explain.

1) I volunteered to mow the lawn. Seriously. Gabe was going to mow the lawn and I actually asked if I could do it. Then I mowed the lawn and I didn’t hate it.

2) I heard Queensryche in the grocery store. And it wasn’t “Silent Lucidity” either. It was something off of “Operation : Mindcrime”. Remember when you could only hear Queensryche on Headbangers Ball? Nope. Queensryche at Safeway.

Either it is almost time for The Rapture or I am getting old.

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  1. Maybe it isn’t a sign of the apocolypse–wasn’t there a full moon this week?

  2. I’ve been freaked out recently by hearing music at the grocery store that used to be considered “new wave” or “goth” when I was in high school/college. I mean, I never thought I’d be singing along to The Cure or Depeche Mode while doing my shopping. I used to annoy my friends by singing along to the soft rock songs of the 70s in the stores. “Time in a Bottle” and such. Now they are catering to our generation’s musical taste. Yeah, it’s definitely been my big wake up to the fact that I’m getting old.

  3. The lawn thing was probably a fluke. But Queensryche in the grocery store is definitely a sign of bigger things. Like the first time I heard Madonna on my mother’s oldies channel. ACK!

  4. Okay, the Apocalypse happened a while ago, and we’re the “Left Behind” people! So many people were left behind that nobody noticed the person who was raptured.

    I thought the world ended the day I heard the tragic news about Kurt Cobain, but a couple of years ago I heard a Muzak version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a grocery store, I knew I had been sent to hell. Damn my sinful ways!

  5. Women mowing the lawn. That gets me hot. If the world is ending book me a first class ticket. Whoo hoo!!!

  6. WHOA. I can’t imagine anything from Op MC that would be grocery-store-appropriate. I’d have lost it. Awesome. Sister Mary…

  7. I’ve heard some weird shit in the grocery store too. Like, the other day? Zeppelin.

    Revolution Calling!!

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