At the Orioles Game 8-25-08

At the Orioles Game 8-25-08

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  1. Hope the game was good. I keep promising to take the boy to the new Nats stadium (I went back in May with my company) but those 7pm games sure are late for an 8yo.

  2. What fun awesome photo!

  3. See, here’s my dilemma. If my husband knew you existed, he might be tempted to not be as happy as I’ve led him to believe he is…

    You go to Orioles games. (His fav MLB team since he was little)

    Your kids love the Redskins. (His fav NFL team for-stinking-ever.)

    I’ll just keep you to myself, thankyouverymuch. :)

  4. I looked at this last night on flickr..I luv the guy in the background..w/ his sandals and his legs crossed..not watching the game.
    Where are your beverages?

  5. I’m jealous. I love me some beer and baseball!

  6. What’s wrong with the Nats…other than that they lose every game? Good times. We’re still looking to get 3B out to a game.

  7. ah yes. I have many fond memories of Orioles games from our time in Baltimore. It usually involved beer and sweating, but whatevs.

  8. Oh I think that gent behind you had designs on a post-baseball rendezvous with you two.

    Did he send you all some beers…”From a fellow fan?” 😉

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