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The Sex Talk

My brother is almost exactly three years younger than me. If you do the math my mom got pregnant when I was two. When I was was two I asked my dad where babies came from and he told me. In great detail. My mother was mortified that my father told me about sex when […]

I Tried

On Monday I went to do my duty as an American. I was going to vote early. But alas, the place was packed. They said there was an hour and a half wait. And I had the twins with me. And they needed a nap. It looks like I’ll be taking them to vote again […]

Quick Favor

Can you guys please go to this site and vote for Yodeling Goat Media? I’ll be your best friend. Plus then Mark will owe me and he will have to babysit for free. Thanks!

Another SATGS PSA – Metal Trivets

If you have metal trivets that look like this try really hard not to drop them on your toes, especially if you have bare feet. Trust me on this one. That crap hurts. *whimper* In related news, four of my toes are purple.

My Children Give Me Hope for the Future

This morning Claudia and I were talking about voting. I explained to her that if you were over 18 and a United States citizen you got to pick who you wanted to be your leader. I tried to simplify it (I don’t even think I could explain the electoral college if I wanted to) and […]

Brainwashed (The Marketing is Working Part 2)

Ian and I got up early this morning. We were cuddling and rocking in the big chair in the living room. As any parent of multiples (or really any parent of more than one child) knows getting one on one time with a child is special. We were just chatting about life. “Will we always […]


Can anybody read the bottom line on the eye doctor’s little chart or is it just some sort of hilarious inside joke for Ophthalmologists?

Hello Real Life Friends

I did it. I bit the bullet. I joined facebook. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to but then I did, and it is ridiculous. I’ve already friended 50 people. So you, if you knew me in high school – welcome. You may be wondering what the hell I am doing with […]

Randomness Part 119

Dirty Pottery. Has anybody else ever noticed that California Love by 2Pac and Dr. Dre and Mouth For War by Pantera have the same riff just at different tempos and played on different instruments? Gabe pointed this out to me about two weeks ago it has been on my mind ever since. Speaking of music, […]

My Son Trash Talked My Wedding Video

Our anniversary was last Thursday so there has been more talk about weddings around here than normal. Because of this Claudia decided she needed to watch our wedding video. Fine, no problem. It usually just sits in the drawer, plus how much longer are we even going to own a VCR? We put in the […]

Pork Bung – As Advertised!

You should have seen the guys face who was watching me take this picture with my iPhone. Oh, how I adore the H-Mart.

Information Overload and BlogHerDC

When Elisa asked me if I would be part of the team that gave a presentation on information overload I was thrilled and also kind of blown away by the irony. I got the e-mail two days later because I have too many e-mail addresses to have time to check them all every day. I […]