Why Does Everybody Keep Asking Me That?

When I got down to the BlogHer DC registration desk Kris asked me how I was feeling. She asked if I was hungover.


I told her I was fine. (Which I am.)

Then a couple minutes later I saw Jodi and she asked me how I was feeling.

At this point I am wondering what I missed. I am fine. Sure I had a couple of drinks with a couple of bloggers last night but I wasn’t even really drunk at the end of the night.

Then somebody else asked if I was okay – then another person asked.

I couldn’t figure out why people were talking about.

Then somebody said they saw the picture of me on Twitter.

What picture?

This one:

BlogHerDC! on TwitPic

Ah yes, now it all makes sense.

(Photo by Amalah who was not doing shots due to being VERY pregnant.)

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  1. So sorry I missed the fun. And how is it possible Amy and I are never at the same event?

  2. One shot does not a hangover make…
    or am I naive to assume it was a single? 😉

    Have a great time today…wish I was there!

  3. Lush.

    And what’s with the cleavage? Is that a shadow or is that some sort of tequila induced push-up?

  4. Dang. You sure look hot!

  5. I was with you in spirit.

  6. Ha ha! Have (another) one for me!

  7. is this what I missed for being a cheapskate and not going into the other bar/lounge?

  8. you were totally wasted. I’m an expert and I can tell.

  9. I knew I would regret not making that road trip…and I was right.

  10. That was so funny! Yay for talking about drinking at the BlogHer DC registration desk!!

    I’m glad you’re feeling okay… :)

  11. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be asking if you were hungover based on that one picture.

    Now if I saw a picture of you with 15 shot glasses in front of you, that would be a different story, but one shot?

  12. Oh honey. Tequila is so not my friend. I have scars (literally) from tequila. But I would do shots with you ANYTIME.

  13. you know what goes well with tequila shots? being tagged. by me. go get em.

  14. I’m glad to see that tequila has re-gained a place in your life.

  15. Drinking is good for you :)

    Thanks for the great panel !

  16. I know everyone has all these “tequila horror stories” but tequila has never betrayed me. White wine? Once betrayed me and left me for dead. But I forgave it.

  17. Of course, now I understand! 😉 I’m sorry our panels conflicted yesterday. Can we set up a private tutorial?

  18. Tee hee hee. I would like to add that the text with the photo clearly included the word “TEQUILA.”

    SO great to see you yesterday, my dear! Let’s get together again very soon (read: not at the next BlogHer)!

  19. what, my half ass directions weren’t clear? *snort* pick the fourth pic from your file, post it, tell the story, and tag four people to do the same. thanks!

  20. Tequila. Good stuff…good times.

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