Hello Real Life Friends

I did it. I bit the bullet. I joined facebook.

I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to but then I did, and it is ridiculous. I’ve already friended 50 people.

So you, if you knew me in high school – welcome. You may be wondering what the hell I am doing with seven blogs and why so many people read me every day. The truth is that I don’t know. I like to think that I am witty but it is far more likely that people just like to know that somebody is worse at this parenting thing than they are.

If you are one of my blog friends why the hell didn’t you warn me about the black hole of time sucking that is facebook? And where is the Scrabble part?

And if you are Britt, Rob or Ashley I really DID facebook your Mom, but it isn’t nearly as dirty as it sounds. I promise.

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  1. Don’t go there. Time moves at warp speed when your on facebook.

  2. Frank Sucks says:

    And where do I fit in?

  3. Ha. HA. HA. Love the t-shirt and love the timesuckage of FB.

  4. I normally have to pay good money before a girl will facebook me.

    And how long must I read your blog before I’m considered a “friend?”

  5. Aprylsantics says:

    Facebook was like going back to high school again, but this time everyone is nice to each other.

  6. I am definitely old. I’m on facebook, but I’ve not really gotten into it. With your time suck warning, perhaps I’ll continue my avoidance.

  7. I did it too… I didn’t want to, but I did…. and I think I like it a little

  8. Scrabulous was taken down after a lawsuit by Hasbro. However, there is Scramble, but it isn’t nearly as fun (mostly because it’s timed and I suck at it).

  9. Facebook and Twitter suck up all my time. I might never talk to a real live human again. And just so you know, I just friended you on Crouton Boy’s recommendation. I’m not a weird stalker or anything.

  10. Facebook totally stresses me out. All that poking and writing on walls. It’s like I’m re-living my day with toddlers all over again.
    But I do have an account anyway. There’s a lot of pressure to make friends and I’ve always been popular so I couldn’t resist :)

  11. I like to call it “Face-it you’re not gonna get anything else done”

    I’m on there – friend me!

  12. Dude I deleted my facebook account in the great mommyblogger facebook outrage of 07.
    Dammit are you going to make me go back?

  13. :-)
    I warned you..I warned the WORLD on twitter and my blog. Facebook as sucked the blogging and commenting out of me. It has sucked my sole. I have a lil green patch and causes and I’m playing Knighhood and buidling castles.. I tried to warn everyone..
    ps..if I send you the Knighthood invitation please download so I can have another “20” player, thxbai

  14. LOVE facebook! I’ll add you to Parking Wars. Bring it!!!

  15. I’m on FB, but I still don’t get it. I don’t log on every day. I have enough time sucks in my life.

    Although my mom friended me yesterday. That was um, weird.

  16. That T-shirt is hysterical.

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