Brainwashed (The Marketing is Working Part 2)

Ian and I got up early this morning. We were cuddling and rocking in the big chair in the living room. As any parent of multiples (or really any parent of more than one child) knows getting one on one time with a child is special. We were just chatting about life.

“Will we always live in this house?”

“I doubt it, Buddy, but wherever we move you can come with me.”

“What about when I grow up?”

“When you grow up if you make enough money you can live wherever you want.”

“What if I move somewhere where they speak a different language?”

“That is no problem, Ian. You can just learn the new language just like you learned English when you were little.”

“Mom. I’m going to need Rosetta Stone. It is the fastest way to learn a new language.”

Really? Seriously? This is where this whole conversation was going?

I can tell him to clean his room 50 times and he never hears a word I say. He can’t remember to wipe after he poops. He can never recall where he put his shoes but he can recite almost every commercial her has ever seen.

I will give somebody $50 if they can make a convincing television commercial that gets him to stop peeing on my shower curtain.

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  1. I hope that’s vinyl.

  2. That is classic.. total selective hearing.. or he’ll be some marketing/advertising savant.

  3. Maybe you just need a plastic shower curtain.

    I’ll tell you what, we’ll make a commercial for you & you can play it on a dvd (make him think it’s a real commercial) & see if it works.

  4. Is he planning to move to England? Or Australia? 😉

  5. LMAO!

    And, I’ll throw in an extra $50 for the commercial on taking care of bodily functions in a timely manner. Mmmmk?

  6. omg, your kids crack me up!

  7. Is that what’s on my shower curtain? My kid pees on it? Dear God, what next?

  8. Your kids crack me up. They are just so clever.

  9. Once again, Ian and I are on the same page. I just bought Rosetta Stone yesterday (to learn Russian for our trip).

    The best part is that he was leading up to the sales pitch the whole time.

  10. I just disrupted my whole office laughing non stop at this post.

  11. That is hysterical. My kids had to have skechers this year, the airators because they make you go faster.

  12. The videos could be called
    Behavior modifun!
    Episode 1 how not to pee on the seat but in the water.

    Episode 2 how to not maim your siblings during play

  13. I am laughing out loud because my son quoted some home school online commercial when his brother said he didn’t want to go to school. Kids are hysterical!

  14. Your kid is seriously an advertiser’s dream!

  15. This reminds me of working with my daughter when she was five on reading – she looked right at me and said, “I don’t think I’m ready to be hooked on phonics”. I almost wet myself! And about the commercials – we need to forget about children’s programming and put all the life lessons and educational stuff in the commercials – they’d pick it up much more quickly. Oh and I’ll pay $100 for a commercial that would teach my nine year old the multiplication tables.

  16. My oldest is very convinced by the commercials too!
    We just got the Rosetta Stone in french for homeschooling. Can’t wait till my 7 yr. old is speaking french!

    Oh, and I just had to wash my shower curtain because of pee!

  17. At least he’s not singing (at the top of his 4 year old voice) every song to a Barbie movie that he’s only watched once…much less any that he’s seen multiple times :). I hear ya about the shower curtain thing. My son is 7 and still has issues – but he usually just pees into the trash can, lol.

  18. Found you through Blunoz…

    I love kid/advertising conversations. That’s a great one!

    When my oldest was going to be off of school for the summer, she told me that kids lose a lot of what they learn over the summer. I told her that we had her school books and we could do some practicing and she said, ‘Oh, then you will be like Sylvan.’ She was 5. Nice.

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