The Problem with Working From Home

It is like “Stomp” at my house.

All. Day. Long.


(Um, hello side justification. I wonder how that happened?)


Please ignore my voice. I usually sound much less nasal. It must be a side effect of the raging headache.

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  1. umm the hip shaking…cracks me up!

  2. which is why I LOVE school and pre school…is there not a boarding school for preschoolers out there???

    This am it was loud FART jokes at 150 decibels and shrieking laughter

  3. Was that the beat to My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas?

  4. I think I’m in love with your children. My son has never had any interest in musical instruments, never dances to music, and usually refuses to sing anything that isn’t a movie theme song (age 6 was obsessed with the Star Wars music; now it’s Indiana Jones, which he’s not allowed to watch!).

  5. At least they’re not beating on each other.


  6. God, and there’s two of them. The one I have is loud and bizarre enough.

    Can I maybe send you over a bottle of tequila and a couple of limes?

  7. Dude, we have the paint can drum over here too. 3B made me go out on the balcony in the rain to bring it in with his drumsticks. I’m sure our neighbors downstairs appreciated my effort. At least when they’re done drumming they don’t start talking about the executioner’s great axe.

  8. Time to go on tour and make some money so mommy doesn’t have to work at home.

  9. I love how they paused only briefly to see whether you had anything interesting to say, like “who wants a cookie?,” and then went right on going as soon as they figured out it was nothing they cared about.

  10. Remember BAMS?

  11. OMG, when I was unemployed at home looking for jobs, my cats would do the SAME THING!

  12. I have Stomp with a little bit of Blue-Man Group thrown in. My kids are loud AND messy.

  13. I feel your pain. I do, I do, I do. Except in my house I’ve got running, jumping, yelling boy. I ask him why he can’t sit down and he tells me he’s playing football like Brett Favre.

  14. It could be worse, you could have two puppies…Oh wait..

  15. The nutty acorns don’t fall far from the tree, eh?

  16. What is on the wall behind them? It looks like 100 of the same photo…

    Also, did you really expect to have quiet children?

  17. That is Ian’s art gallery.

    This week it consists of 30 pieces of Spiderman memo paper each with a blue scribble on it.

    He is a freak.

  18. My son just had me replay that 3 times. Thanks for giving them ideas!

  19. HAHAHA. There SERIOUSLY needs to be some sort of support group for people who work from home. Right now? It’s called Merlot.

  20. hehehehehe
    I feel your pain!!!
    same thing round here when TB’s around… getting a new office next week to so yayyy!
    BTW heya!! first time round here. Got your link from
    hope you don’t mind! :)


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