Why I Can Not Do Math

I love trivia. I have extensive useless knowledge rattling around in my head.

I was reminded of this when I played a game of Trivial Pursuit with my family over Thanksgiving. We were playing the original version. You know – Genus 1. My brother and father maintain that I am so good because I memorized all the questions. All 6000 questions.

If that were true I would be out trivia sharking guys at bars for money.

Even though I assure you I have not memorized the entire game I really do possess a lot of completely impractical knowledge.

I have always maintained that all of this junk is taking up the space in my brain that normal people use to do math.

It is because of all this (and my special strength of useless music knowledge and 80’s metal trivia to be specific) that I woke up this morning and thought – Hey! It is December 11th! I know what that means.

So happy birthday to Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.

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  1. Happy Birthday Nikki. And on December 23rd I guess that will be his second birthday after he died for a couple of minutes from an overdose.

  2. I always do insanely well at Trial Pursuit and the like. I like the one you can play at the bars too. Not that I ever drink or anything…

  3. One of my BFFs (originally from Canada) was on the team that developed Trivial Pursuit back in the day. She was childhood friends with one of the guys.

    And that’s not even the most intriguing thing about her.

    It makes me feel incredibly inadequate in comparison. More like George Constanza playing Trivial Pursuit with the Bubble Boy.

  4. Happy Birthday Nikki. I was so worried that I would miss it-Thanks Sarah!

  5. OMG! I LOVE Nikki.. i saw them in concert back in the days when tommy lee had that big spinning drum kit. awesome.. the only song I can play on the piano is Home Sweet Home.. *head bang*

  6. I’m with you girl. Always good at trivia and in my case convinced that if all facts were made song lyrics I could learn anything. But don’t feel bad. SOMEbody has to know that stuff – and it’s us!

  7. I am SO using that as my excuse for being bad at math from now on. My husband always says I know more useless crap. And he is correct.

  8. Can you believe he’s 50?!?!

    I feel so stinkin’ old sometimes.

  9. Great, now I’ll always remember it, too. Thanks so very much.

  10. I used to be embarrassed by my inane knowledge of old television shows, in particular The Brady Bunch. Now I’m counting on that knowledge to someday, somehow, fund my retirement.

  11. Dude, we could work as a triviashark team! At New Year’s, when we whip out the Trivial Pursuit, I’m the only one who isn’t allowed to play on a team (I have to fend for myself).

    Incidentally, we also considered banning my mom and her friend Anne from playing on the same team because they’d confer forever, sing a few bars of a song to each other, go, “that’s it!” and be wrong every time. We decided the entertainment value of this shtick outweighed the delays it caused, however, and let them carry on.

  12. Really? Zanna was born on Nikki’s birthday?

  13. Nikki Sixx being 50 makes me feel really old.

  14. OMG, that is useless!

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