One Disadvantage of Working From Home

When I worked in an office never once did I have to get up from my desk to wipe someones butt.

Not once.

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  1. True. So very true. However, I did have to kiss a lot of ass when I worked in an office. So, you trade one evil for another!

  2. Not once? Then you’ve never worked in advertising or PR.

  3. Word.

  4. Yeah, the ass kissing sucks too – perhaps we’d all be better off not working, not looking after kids, and away from all these butts (except of course the cute ones which you just have to oogle all day!).

  5. Trade wiping for kissing? Tough.

    It looks like we all on the same thought train.

  6. Literally? No.

    Figuratively? Every. F#%#ing. Day.

  7. I hear you. But I taught 8th graders so I think I’d rather be doing what I’m doing.

  8. Not even your own?

  9. hee hee! Thank Goodness for that!

  10. I have. Not really. But still, remain jealous of your working from home status.

  11. Oh my god – Amen to this sarah!!! I have seen you around but haven’t checked you out thoroughly (sounds kinky!) but I am here under danny’s orders.
    Can we all get a Yes Sir!!
    Love your banner and will stop back…

  12. Not even your own? That’s very unsanitary.

  13. Yeah. Wiping someone else’s butt sucks. Then again, the other day my nephew tried to wipe his own. And when I walked in the bathroom there was poo on his face. I’d prefer to wipe poo from a butt than from a face.

  14. Clearly you have been working in all the wrong offices.

  15. I cannot compete with the other commenters.

  16. have you ever worked in childcare? i did, for four years. now that i have my own baby, i find myself watching the clock for 5:00 in anticipation of parent pick-up time so i can be free to go meet up with my dorm friends for a beer.


    i feel (half of) your pain.

  17. I once had to deal with a random turd in the middle of the call center floor.
    A turd no one would claim.

  18. I kick a lot of it at work.

    Which is immensely satisfying.

    And then I wipe Boo’s at home and he kicks mine.

    Swings and roundabouts.

  19. I put my butt-wiping abilities on my resume. That’s what got me hired.

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