Randomness Part 123

I read too many blogs. I know this because I realized that the whole time I was reading the Twilight series whenever I read about Alice I was actually picturing Angela from Fluid Pudding.

Am I the only person who doesn’t send out Holiday Cards? I am starting to feel like a total tool, but wow. I can’t even get all of my laundry done. How could I manage Christmas Cards?

Danny says that we all have to go around commenting all over the place. It is something about the economic downturn and how comments are blogging currency and so we should all comment our privates off. I think it an excellent holiday plan. Plus, I do whatever Danny tells me to. It just seems safer that way. Go comment like blogspot will not be working tomorrow.
I played in seven fantasy football leagues this year and I didn’t even win one of them. I suspect a conspiracy. I think these two men and the Carolina Panthers (specifically DeAngelo Williams) are behind it. These may also be the same people that made sure nobody at our table won anything in the raffle at Gabe’s company holiday party.

<—– This guy hates me. He destroyed my fantasy football season and the Bucs chance at winning the NFC South in one game.

Oh! One more thing. (Don’t worry, this one isn’t crazy.) Devra and I are giving away a Wii Fit on Loser Moms.  Go check it out.

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  1. Don’t do it! This commenting on every single post you read thing is way way tiring. Soon you won’t have a comment left in you and you’ll resort to posting crappy meaningless comments like this one!

  2. I gave up on the Christmas card thing years ago. I think they are just a silly waste of time.

    But that’s just my opinion. If they work for you and you love doing it – more power to you!

  3. I am not sending Christmas cards. Feel like utter failure in this regard. Maybe I can get organised to send “Happy January 10th” cards.

  4. Last night as I stared out the window of my hotel room (where I was protecting a young girl who is currently hiding from a blood-thirsty hoodlum) I had a vision of you writing this entry. Now that you HAVE written it, I believe I shall gracefully dance my way into a cafeteria, where I will eat nothing (while dreaming of slaughtering a lion).

  5. I KNEW IT!

  6. Oh, good idea, and we should click on peoples ads too!

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I’m playing for the championship in my FFL this weekend.

    I know it certainly makes ME feel better…

  8. Ah, the Christmas card. I actually do one of those letters,stop laughing, and it is a royal pain. But now everyone expects it, bah humbug. Consider yourself going green for Christmas and saving the trees :)

  9. I’ve felt guilty wondering how many trees I killed in order to send out cards.

    And you know… Alice from Fluid Pudding? I thought of her too when I read the Twilight Books. How wild!

  10. I’m in the championship this weekend in Kristen’s league, and HAVE DeAngelo Williams, so you BETTER NOT be talking smack about him! I totally need all the good winning vibes I can get.

    Don’t feel bad about the cards; I’m a tool, too. The last time I sent them out to friends I was in HS. You know, back when I had time for that $#!T

  11. Oh geez, holiday cards are the death of me. All because one year like 6 years ago, I ran into Dusty Baker and thought it would be funny to have him on my Xmas card. Six year later, I panic every September and start stalking famous people.

    This year it was Helio Castroneves.

  12. I have never sent out Christmas cards. I don’t even have kids to blame it on.

  13. I love the idea of spreading commenty love in lieu of sending cards. If only I’d heard about this BEFORE I actually mailed the freaking cards. Um, thanks? 😉

    Heading over to see the giveaway!

  14. No cards here either. All over facebook I hear about how stressed people are about getting their cards out. I don’t get that.

  15. It wasn’t me. I suspect Pierre. (The A$$hole and his seven game winning streak.)

  16. holiday cards? wha?? i’m moving in 7 days. there will be no cards, bitches.

  17. All my blogging buddies were all ’email me your addy and I will send you a card’ and I was all ‘yeah, thanks but I won’t send you one cause I still haven’t mailed out last years…’

    Where do these people find the damn TIME?

  18. I’m doing my civic duty and leaving a comment. For the economy and all. I’m not doing Christmas cards this year, although I usually do send them. It’s sort of a nice guilty feeling like when you skip school or play hookie from work.

  19. I’m NOT sending holiday cards this year because I’m going green, saving trees and MONEY. (And I don’t really have the time.)

  20. i love the idea of new year cards, especially since i love doing paper crafts (and don’t particularly love red & green together). also i love receiving mail; i know if i send something to someone, they’ll probably return the favor. what’s that about holidays and selflessness? does not compute.

    however, my baby loves the idea of waking up every 3 hours during the night, and my husband loves the idea of me as personal assistant/shopper, housekeeper, chef, pet wrangler, wife and THEN singular entity as a person with individual interests.

    maybe i’ll start working on the valentines NOW.

  21. Randomness is always my favorite blog to do. It’s just empting all the crap from my head.

    Crazy thing is, I got laundry up to my shins, clean mind you, but just not put away, I take it up and dump it on my bedroom floor, anywho, I still find the time to hand make glitter and all, 45 Christmas cards… but I am only seeing about 20 hanging on my door… 25 people owe me… tools…hee hee…

  22. I don’t do them either.

  23. Not sure – but maybe the 7 fantasy leagues and the not doing holiday cards are related. But really, we don’t need cards from you since we get daily updates right here.

  24. Seven leagues? Holy hell, how did you keep track of all your players?

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