Laws and Sausage

Making Sausage

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“There are two things in the world you never want to let people see how you make ’em: laws and sausages.”

– Leo McGarry: The West Wing

(Kemp, you read my mind when you said that on Twitter.


Sausage anyone?

I’m not kidding. We’ve got a ton left.

I’m trying to convince Gabe to start a food blog.

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  1. I love sausage so much I almost don’t care where it comes from. Also, I’m very jealous of your KitchenAid grinder/stuffer attachment.

    Have you ever had chorizo? There’s a recipe for homemade chorizo at Make it, cook it, and then crumble it over nacho cheese dip. Nom nom nom.

  2. My family does it every year when we make our Spanish chorizo, so I know the process… Leo’s words ring very, *very* true…

    Last year we made 200 lbs of Chorizo using my Abuela’s recipe that she brought over when she immigrated from Spain… and it *still* rocks.

  3. You made sausage??! You rock. I’ll be right over to pick some up (since I know where you live and can stalk you).

  4. If it’s delicious, I’ll take some. If not… well I’d probably still take some.

  5. yay tubes of meat!


  6. Well, that’s a funny line because it’s a law here in Australia to love sausages.

    (Well, not quite. But with all the BBQs and outdoor living, we consume a lot. My favs too)

  7. I always thought the meat fairy just put it in plastic packages and brought it to the store. Are you telling me that’s wrong?

  8. Heh heh. “You eat sausage.” Heh heh, heh heh. Heh heh heh heh heh.

  9. wow. just…wow. I’m a fan of pork. I love bacon. Sausage? well, I can take it or leave it. And after watching this, I think I’ll leave it!
    And I think I have one o’ those sausage stuffin’ things around here somewhere- perhaps I could ebay it. New in the box!

  10. Good lord that video just looks so wrong… Almost like a bad porno.

    I’ve kind of always wanted to make my own sausage. I’ve done patties before, but don’t have a stuffing attachment. I could definitely take some off your hands though! 😉

  11. I would read Gabe’s food blog, especially if he kills his own meat before preparing it. Any wild beef to hunt in the DC metro area?

  12. Tell Gabe that I’d read his food blog.

  13. That video is wrong on so many levels.

  14. I love me some sausage. And I mean that how it sounds.

  15. oh I would so totally be hooked if Gabe did a food blog. that man knows how to cook! it would also give you an extra excuse to review wines to go with the meals 😉

  16. Oh my goodness…I am not watching that video…at 7 and 1/2 months preggo, I am not sure I can see it:-) Although, now that you mentioned sausage I am very hungry!!

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