Getting Something Right

Most of the time I walk around feeling like a complete failure as a mother. This is partly because my kids weren’t potty trained until they were four, partly because they can’t read, and partly because nobody ever tells you that you are doing a good job as a mother unless you give them a piece of chocolate cake or take them to McDonalds for lunch.

Oh, and if you take them to McDonalds for lunch, even though the children might compliment your mad parenting skills there will be another grown up frowning at you for feeding your kids garbage for lunch.

That being said, every once in a while I can see I am actually doing something right. The daughter who wouldn’t leave my side for a year went happily to school with a neighbor while I stayed home with her sick brother.

She didn’t complain. She was excited to go to school after two snow days in a row.

She also made some art for her grandmother the other day and asked for an envelope and a stamp. I wrote all the information on piece of paper for her and she copied down the address onto the envelope.

And I could read it.

This morning she got dressed all by herself. The outfit was weather appropriate and it sort of matched. Then she put her pajamas in her hamper without me nagging her to do so.

She slid on the ice and fell down on her butt no less than five times on our short walk two houses away and she was cool with it. It wasn’t a big deal.

This is the same girl that cried every single day I dropped her off at school when she was two. This is the girl who has to sit next to me at every meal. The little girl who told me I was ruining her life because I made her wear gloves in the snow. The girl who refused to go to school for two weeks because her twin brother had his tonsils and adenoids taken out and she wouldn’t go alone. The same little girl who wouldn’t go outside and play in the snow the first year and a half we lived here because she hated it so much.

Somehow we have brought her this far.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not so bad at this parenting thing after all.Sorry for the lack of picture in this post. It turns out I don’t have ANY recent photographs of me and my daughter together. I guess not much had changed in 3 1/2 years.

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  1. You know? My kid was also really excited to go back to school after two days off! There must be something in the water…

  2. So what are you saying, that your son is an underachieving loser?

    Just kidding.

    No he’s not retarded.

  3. you have the most delightful children. You should never feel like a failure as a mother.

  4. Dude, you are my mothering icon. I mean, I have never once seen you look like you want to scream at a child to shut up, just shut up already! (I don’t do that, but I want to a lot.)

  5. Well, clearly she has wised up and figured out that it is safest to be far away from you.

    But seriously now, folks. I am told I went through a real clingy phase and I maintain it was just because I loved my mama so much, and then I broke away to make her proud (because I loved her so very much).

  6. I figure your mothering skills reign supreme, not only have you survived and have great kids, you have the amazing ability to make other mothers all around the world feel good about themselves. Keep up the great work.

  7. Really? They do eventually learn to dress themselves? I don’t believe it of my two. You can’t be that bad at this, I hold it AGAINST my parents that they Never took me to McDonalds. Like, Never. But I remember the neighbor taking me. Huh.

    Also? Hooray for Independence! Maybe we should find some, too, as I have no pics of myself either. We should document ourselves!

  8. While your kids are adorable, your words alone were all that was needed for this post.

    Hang in, Girl. You rock.

  9. Yes, and you’re throwing things in our faces like how she can match her clothes! My 10 year old can’t match her clothes until she’s pulled every item from her drawers and scattered them randomly around her room.

  10. Dude, you do so much so right: giving the Goon Squad your excellent musical taste, sharing with them your extensive vocabulary, and providing me with air cover by giving me someone to point to as a role model when I feed 3B fries at McDonalds. No, seriously, you do a lot more right than that. Just ask your kids, they’ll tell you.

  11. Listen, if you sent me a chocolate cake, I’d call you a good mother or whatever else you wanted me to call you for at least a month.

    Maybe longer if the cake is really good.

  12. I’ve accepted that feeling of failure as my lot. I have no idea why, but that somehow makes it better for me.

  13. Apryl's Antics says:

    I love those kind of weeks. Sometimes I feel like the Charlie Brown of motherhood. I so get it.

    And my kids, weren’t potty trained until 4, either. They are not twins. I just figured they would eventually get tired of wearing diapers. They did.

  14. This post give me hope. Your follow-up puke post does not.

  15. I know I’ve been guilty of the picture thing too. Lately I have been making a conscious effort to ask someone else to take a picture so we can ALL be in it.

    I think you should start a new challenge – like when you have de-lurking day. Don’t know what to call it, but I’d love to see everyone come out from behind the camera and post a pic of themselves WITH their kids :)

  16. You do so much right, lady.

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