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Yes, I said Elephants and Butts

If upon the request of my children I am currently doing an image search for elephant’s butts does that make me the cool mom or a bad influence?

We’re a Happy Family (Me, Mom and Daddy)

If your kid was singing “Hey ho let’s go, put me in the bath tub.” And you were all like “No, no, honey. It’s shoot ’em in the back now.” You would feel really stupid after you realized what you had done. Just like I did. Especially if you were at Trader Joe’s and all […]

Do You Ever Have One of Those Posts Where the Title is Longer Than the Actual Blog Post?

Like this one?

And I Am Invoking My Fifth Amendment Rights

I have just been accused of not giving my son (another) snack so that he won’t have any energy and he will have to take a nap. Secretly I just wish I was that clever.

A Mother’s Secret Weapon

Dear Ian, When you are old enough to read this I will be ready for you to know the secret. It isn’t that I really have eyes in the back of my head, it is that nothing else sounds like a kid chewing on a Lego. You will understand when you are a parent. Love, […]

Not Really About the Conference – Not Really Not About it Either

Since I figure you can find all sorts of information on the Mom 2.0 Summit elsewhere on the internet I won’t go into too many details about the conference itself. Yes, it was fabulous. Yes, you should go next year. Yes, I talked with wonderful and brilliant women… but you probably already knew that. Instead […]

Live From the Mom 2.0 Summit

I am sitting at the Mom 2.0 Summit watching some guy doing a dramatic reading of one of The Blogess’ posts. I’m not kidding. But if you are on twitter at all you probably already know that. Here is what I really wanted to tell you – THE DALLAS MAVERICKS ARE STAYING IN OUR HOTEL! […]

For a Good Cause

I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but my friend Matthew is raising money for the Border View YMCA and I have donated some ad space right here on Sarah and the Goon Squad. Almost four years ago when I was first introduced to the blogging world Matthew’s was one of the first blogs […]

Questions for You: Food Edition

1)    Think about the best meal you ever ate in a restaurant. What was the restaurant? 2)    What is your favorite kind of cheese? 3)    What is your favorite varietal of wine? 4)    Have you ever eaten foie gras? If so, did you like it? 5)    What is your favorite flavor of potato chip? ___

He is So Metal

Ian: Mommy. Thunder is wearing chains with spikes on them. He is a death horse. I am going to stand on him and hold two swords at the same time. He is like the DEVIL! Rides off on imaginary death horse. Me: (in my best Nathan Explosion voice) Metal. Flashes devil horns to son who […]

A Redneck Shower

My friend and blog idol Tanis (you probably know her as Redneck Mommy) brought home a bouncing baby boy yesterday. Okay, well he might not technically be a baby. He is five, but either way he was welcomed home as part of her family for the first time yesterday. Now, since Tanis has this mothering […]

Randomness Part 126

Three songs I really like that mention or allude to “Lolita”: “Green Pea Soup” by Alice Donut “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police “Lolita” by Elefant