It Was Cliché, but it Looked Shady

Mistake #1: I was trying to bake egg-less brownies from scratch.

Mistake #2: I never looked to see if I had sugar.

It turned out I did have sugar. I just didn’t have two cups of it.

So I did what you do. I called my neighbor.

“Hi. It’s Sarah. Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”

She just started laughing.

We actually mooch ingredients from each other all of the time. It is like having a back up pantry two doors down. I think the cliché of asking for a cup of sugar took her off guard. She thought I was kidding.

I explained how I was ill prepared and she did have sugar. She even said she would send an extra cup just in case what I had left wasn’t quite an entire cup. She said she would send me a big baggie full.

I had to send Ian over since I was making some sort of cocoa powder and butter concoction on the stove at the time that required constant stirring.

Do you have any idea what two cups of sugar in a baggie looks like?

It looked like we had a five year old drug mule roaming the neighborhood. It looked so much like drugs that I was afraid to take a picture. I was scared if I posted it on my blog there would be some sort of investigation.

It looked bad.

Fortunately he didn’t get stopped by the cops and I haven’t had a call from neighborhood watch yet so we must have gotten away with it.

And the brownies ended up not really being brownies. It was like toffee on the outside and ganache in the middle. They tasted great but would have been impossible to serve.

Lessons Learned:

1) I am no pastry chef.

2) Brownies without eggs are for sucks.

3) No one in Ian’s class is allergic to anything in Oreos.

4) Janet and I could totally run drugs if we wanted to.

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  1. Next time go for a bag of POWDERED sugar … and really get the texture, appearance and consistency right.

  2. Niiiiice. He’s a cute drug mule too. Those innocent eyes would totally get you out of jail.

  3. Within a single post, you went from June Cleaver to Pablo Escobar. Well done.

  4. The picture you linked cracked me up….more as a result of the context as opposed to the picture itself. Very funny.

  5. That’s classic. Next time send him for oregano.

    Also: my wife made some vegan brownies for my daughter’s birthday. She got the recipe from:

    Looking at the ingredients, I think they’d be school-safe.

  6. Nothing like teaching your kids new skills. Drug running can be lucrative, albeit a little risky.

  7. Oreos are the anti-food. I swear – almost any kid with food allergies can have Oreos. Really makes you wonder what they put in them…

  8. That’s the damn funniest post I’ve read in a long time.

  9. A bunch of years ago I borrowed a couple eggs from our next door neighbor and a week later I sent my son, then about 4, to return them. Their teenage son answered the door and my son handed him the eggs; his mother later told me he’d brought the eggs in to the kitchen and told her, with some bewilderment, that the neighbors were going door to door handing out eggs.

  10. Oh, this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Love it!

    Should have taken a picture. I would have. 😉

  11. I am so glad people still borrow ingredients from their neighbors. Seriously…I was ususally the runner/mule as a kid.

  12. The only thing our neighbor ever borrowed was measuring spoons.

    Do you think I should have asked her what she was measuring?

  13. I miss having neighbors to borrow from. Pam & I would just go in & raid each others kitchens when the other wasn’t home. Having her keys was great. Wait I think I still have it.

    Also, I would be afraid of what was in the bag from my neighbor!

  14. I once made brownies without eggs, but only because I made them with a friend and we each thought the other took care of the eggs. The “brownies” came out like a big, greasy brick.

    Never again.

  15. I wish I had neighbors like yours :)

  16. That is so funny! Ok, but you really should not use your son as a drug mule, and if you are you should at least have him use a back pack or something inconspicuous. hahaha
    great blog!

  17. Rafiq of the many says:

    What is the point of having little ones if you don’t occiasonally capitalize on their cuteness?

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