Preemptive Nostalgia

I am starting to get nostalgic about my preschool.

Well, not MY preschool, but The Goon Squad’s preschool.

I feel like I just got a grasp of the whole routine.

I am sad that I only have two co-op days left. I am going to miss the teachers.


Picture from Claudia’s school ballet recital. Yes, they put make-up on her. Ian didn’t like that part. He kept asking why she looked different.

Every time I go to an event or even to drop them off or pick them up I start to get all weepy. I am going to miss all the kids. I was just getting to know and love all of the parents.

Next year my kids will be gone all day. Next year a big bus will come to take them away from me.

Oh wait – I am looking forward to that part.

Maybe I just need to up my medication.

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  1. Hey – where’s the big birthday recap? Did I miss it? I’m dying to hear how much you had to drink to survive it.

  2. Oh, the things we do to ourselves!

  3. Those full days? You’ll love them. You might not the first day or two, but then you will EMBRACE THE QUIET. (she says while shouting. Heh.)

  4. Awww, how cute! I think you should look back at this post next year when you have the whole day to yourself.

  5. Get the weepy out of the way now and you will be good to go in September!

  6. I really didn’t think I’d miss Dawson going to preschool…until he had his last day and I was all, “what the hell? I need those two and a half hours of freedom!”

    It’s going to be a long, hot, miserable, whiny summer.

    (I know it sounds like I don’t love my kid. I do. I just don’t know how I’ll keep him occupied for three months!)

  7. I was looking forward to it too, but the first time the big yellow bus came and gobbled up Agent M, it was kind of a shock.

    I got over it in a few days, though I still miss her sometimes. It’s normal.

  8. Oh great. Now *I* am getting nostalgic over their pre-school. Don’t laugh. I get teary when I see strangers taking their kids to the first day of school down the street.

  9. And you definitely need to up your medication. Especially if your medication is Chardonnay.

  10. Lumpyhead's Mom's friend Sarah says:

    I, too, have indulged in what I called “anticipatory nostalgia.” But this type will pass, says the voice of experience. I was verklempt about leaving the child care center where my son had spent 5 1/2 years, but after about three months of kindergarten (and the first month or so was a big adjustment for all of us — he has a separate life! You don’t know the kids or the parents! He’s exhausted from no nap!), I could barely recall why I had been so attached to his old life.

  11. Today Mr. FLinger said, “Well, now he’s on his way to THREE.”

    He’s been two a whole day.

    So yea, I hear ya. I’m already dreading him NOT being two? And when he goes to school I’ll be crushed. Already trying to hold on to this age.

    And I don’t even LIKE this age.

  12. Which one is CLaudia? I seriously can’t tell.

    BTW – the teacher I co-teach with is moving & will be teaching in your area!

  13. Michelle says:

    Totally get it, we struggled over the decision of where to send him and will be hurting when we write that check to Montessori again next year. It helped soothe his anxiety AND mine to just keep him there for Kindergarten.

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