Things I Learned in One Hour in New York City

1) There is a thing called Puerto Rican Day.

2) It was yesterday.

3) Puerto Rican Day has a parade.

4) You can buy at least three different styles of tube dresses that say either “Puerto Rico” or “I heart Puerto Rico” on them.

5) Normal people should not wear tube dresses.

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  1. I use my “I heart Puerto Rico” dresses as potholders. They’re about the right size.

  2. Aprylsantics says:

    If I wore one, it would have to be renamed the lumpy sausage dress.

  3. LOL

    I’ll have to ask my (Puerto Rican) neighbours if they knew it was Puerto Rico day. Actually, they have parents visiting from Puerto Rico right now, so they might actually know about it …

  4. Oh my. I have so been there. On accident. And I have seen the tube dress and I just ask for the love of all that is Holy (read: Hershey’s Nuggets) Why? Why? Why?

  5. Kathleen says:

    Crud, I’m going to have to throw away my tube dress now!

  6. Dang, I totally missed it. Now I’m going to have to move “Buy Peurto Rican Day tube dress” to next year in my datebook.

  7. I was in the city yesterday (the Bronx) and was surprised to discover that Puerto Rican Day was being celebrated in a grand fashion everywhere, not just where the parade was.

  8. What about abnormal people? Can we where tube dresses? If not, I may have some new potholders!

  9. Only 98 pound waifs should wear a tube dress.

  10. HELLO- SEINFELD! That was a huge Seinfeld episode!

  11. We have Puerto Rican day here in DENVER. You have to have that in DC.

  12. So very true….

  13. Oh how I miss NYC.

    The tube top? Never a good idea. But I bet it was quite interesting to see this whole thing.

  14. That’s perfect!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. Glad you did. I’m going to have a look around. Your blog seems great!

  15. didn’t you ever see the sienfeld episode with the puerto rican day parade ????

    I lived in the city and that was a day that you really wanted to leave the city – it was an all day party and crazy and people peeing in the streets. that and st. patrick;s day are just not all that fun.

  16. Aww, I bet you looked really cute in your tube top!

  17. It’s been two days and we still have no pictures of you in your new tube dress?

    We’re going to have to start with the Photoshopping if you don’t oblige.

  18. Ha isn’t that last statement the truth! Which is WHY I don’t wear tube tops… I’m normal and average, they look HORRIBLE on me!

  19. Ha! I couldn’t agree with you more on the tube dresses. I have a rule. The word “tube” should never be associated with ANY piece of clothing.

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