Add This to the List of Things I Never Thought I’d Say

“Fine. I don’t even want to be Queen of the Bathroom.”

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  1. No Duh! Everyone knows you are High Priestess of the bathroom. Given

  2. I thought it was Empress of the Potty. Was I incorrect?

  3. lol ,

  4. A Queen is never certain what she will be compelled to say to her Royal Subjects.

  5. ..a new meaning to the Princess and the PEE…

  6. LOL!

  7. Would love to know the background on that…

  8. But do you need to be? It’s one thing not to want it, but maybe, you do need to be Queen of the Bathroom.

    Sure most people do it the other way around, confuse needs for wants, but I’m just saying it could work the other way too.

  9. Good thing, I’d totally fight you for the title.

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