You Haven’t Lived Until Warren Sapp Has LOLd You

Picture 3

Oh yes he did.

I love twitter.

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  1. I’m so jealous! I heart Warren. Okay, and yes, it’s probably because I loved watching him on DWTS…

  2. That’s totally badass! What was it in response to?

  3. Yeah, what made him LOL?

  4. Good lord, I am an old coot. I don’t know who that is! I’m going to go look him up now though, and be PROPERLY impressed! I hate being the age that my mom was when I would say the name of somebody famous and she would say “Who?”

  5. That’s pretty friggin awesome!

  6. That is awesome.

  7. Niiiiiice!!!

    I love Twitter, too :)

  8. This rivals Keith Richards grabbing ass.

  9. Aaaand, I just had to google who he was. Because I am totally uncool.

  10. you can’t tell us that Warren Sapp LOLd you without telling us why!! i’m so offended:)

  11. My personal version of this was when @badbanana at’ed me. Tim is literally the funniest person on Twitter. Just saying.

  12. For me it was Peter Sagal, but yeah, same thing. Squee!

  13. I’m giddy on your behalf. That’s pretty damn cool.

  14. You are so awesome!

  15. Shut up!! OMG I SO love Warren Sapp!! I have his bobble head for the Tampa Bay bucks!! How great for you!!

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