Caption This

We’re on the road again.

I could explain this to you, but I’d rather have you explain it to me.

Because, well… look at it.


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  1. I know the recipe for Hogwart’s stew is in here somewhere!

  2. another sue says:

    I’m no good at captions, but I can explain it. This is me (almost 60), when I am the designated driver for my neighbor (mid 80’s). She can easily shop me into the ground, so I always take a book and just relax while she wanders the “big” store to her heart’s content. It works for both of us. I enjoy the reading time and get to do some people watching, and she gets to shop without worrying that she is taking too long.

  3. Our grocery store carries furniture and books too, but I’d never quite considered putting all the pieces together that way.

  4. This mother has told her husband she is going grocery shopping leaving him home with the three children.

  5. egplnt21 says:


  6. Ah, Walmart.

  7. That picture is awesome. I almost want to print & frame it. Where were you? Sams? Super Walmart? Or some fancy grocery store?

    Whatever, if it was here I would be “grocery shopping” all the time. Do you think Ritch would notice if I spent an hour at the store & came home with milk?

  8. Well… The Deathly Hallows IS an engaging page-turner…

  9. There is NEVER a wrong time to read Harry Potter. Just sayin.

  10. If I can’t meet a hot dude sitting at the meat counter reading Harry Potter, then I just give up.

  11. Maria from NJ says:

    Free AC and snacks to boot. Sweet!

  12. All the chairs at Chapter’s were taken.

  13. Intermission at the Meat Show

  14. The air conditioning in the house broke and rather than melt to a puddle of water and a few dollars’ worth of chemicals, you’ve moved into the frozen foods section of the grocery store for the duration of the summer. Caption: Welcome to Giant, Where We Help You Live Well.

  15. sometimes, you just need a little harry potter. and pork chops and other random meat products.

  16. I’ll have to mull over a caption. But so far I’m dying laughing at the other captions and the picture itself. hahaha. Love it. Have fun “on the road.”

  17. “Now which spell is it that I use to get me the hell out of here?”

  18. crazyassmomma says:


    too funny. i cant come up with a comment because im still stuck on what Lori said….

    she totally told her hubby she was going grocery shopping…. LMFAO

    awesome, seriously.

  19. “ooh c’mon Mom, just 457 more pages!! Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasseeeee??!?”

  20. Fresh Meat – this butcher is so good he is worth the wait.

  21. ‘Meat makes me yearn for young-adult fiction’ or vice versa.

  22. No idea, except I laughed out loud when I saw this. You guys crack me up!

  23. Reading and bacon. Two great tastes that go great together.

  24. Duh. Devra was hot, popped a squat in the meat section and there just happened to be some lawn chairs and a copy of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows sitting there. What? That doesn’t happen to you?

  25. Jenn Walpole says:

    Oh, man, Sarah. I literally burst out laughing at that picture.

  26. This is the store that offers babysitting while you shop, right?! So you tack on a few “me” minutes before you begin that grocery list.

  27. My local Barnes and Noble did the same remodel.

  28. Alright Lori wins. I have SO said “I’m going grocery shopping” and just chilled out at Starbucks or something. Never thought to just go to walmart and plop down in the lawn furniture display with a good book. Probably cooler in the meat department too.

    It’s also a great idea for the another Sue who is 80 and takes her neighbor. Too funny!

    Queen of Feisty

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