…and THAT is how I ended up walking around with Hello Kitty underpants in my pocket.

My kids have a summer camp program at their preschool. It is a really fun day camp. They spend most of the morning on the playground and they play in sprinklers and with water tables and there are a ton of crafts and activities for the all of the children.

Later in the day they go in and change into dry clothes and then they have lunch and play inside for a while.

You actually send your kid to school in a bathing suit in the morning. My kids adore it.

This morning I was helping out at school. (I don’t mean to insinuate that I was doing it out of the good of my heart, it is a cooperative preschool and I was on the schedule for today. I had no choice. I love being at their school, but not as much as I love going to the grocery store without anyone having a complete mental breakdown because I didn’t buy a bag of Doritos.) Since I was also getting ready for the day The Goon Squad got ready to go all by themselves.

It was fine. Sure, Ian was wearing his bathing suit backwards, but since I have learned to choose my battles and since he pretty much does that every day, I just let it go.

About an hour and a half later I was pushing my daughter on the swing when I noticed something odd.

She was wearing one of those bathing suits that is a one-piece but it has a huge cut out in the back. Near the top of the bottom of her  swimsuit (you know what I am talking about) I saw that she appeared to be wearing a pair of panties.

“Claudia,” I said to her “Are you wearing underpants under your bathing suit?”

“Um,” she answered, as them she shoved her hand down the back of her pants “Yes.”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to wear underwear with a bathing suit. In fact, if you want to go play in the sprinklers I wish you wouldn’t.”

Since my powers of suggestion are so strong she immediately wanted to run under the sprinklers. We had to go to the restroom and remove the aforementioned underpants.

But since we had come directly from the playground I was empty handed.

And THAT is how I ended up walking around with Hello Kitty underpants in my pocket for four hours.


PS -I felt like the geek from Sixteen Candles”.

PPS – I am so relieved I wasn’t subjected to a search of any kind. That would have looked terrible.

PPPS – Not that I can think of any reason that I would have been searched.

PPPPS – There should be a better way to italicize a single word when one is composing in italics. If I just make it regular font it looks stupid. If I bold it the word looks more important than it actually is. I’m just going for emphasis.

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  1. You too??

  2. I actually found a pair of pants (not Hello Kitty) in my purse at BlogHer and they weren’t mine but definitely women’s underpants. I also must add they were clean. The clean part is important to reinforce because I need you to know that I’m sharing not scaring when leaving this comment.

    It would have been really funny if you had been searched though.

  3. When writing in italics, to “italicize” something you un-italics it.

    Also, I;ve had worse things in my pockets. Sometimes, days later, I’ll find stuff in my pockets and find relief at finding some missing garment or … whatever. Mom & Dad = Kid Storage.

  4. i constantly have a pair or 2 of underwear in my purse

  5. i am not kidding when i tell you that today while buying coffee, one of those pee cups that doctors use fell out of my bag. i tried to explain — kids check ups! one got pee shy! — but it didn’t matter.

    kinda wish it was hello kitty undies.

  6. Honestly, I thought this story was going to be much worse. I never know what to expect from the adorable Goon Squad.

    This still makes me laugh, just a wee bit.

  7. I enjoyed that story. Especially because the underpants were clean and cute.

    I generally have (empty) dog poop bags in all my pockets. So if we are at a movie, say, I can reach in and offer one to someone in case they need to “go.” Well, that’s actually not why I have them. But that’s a side benefit.

  8. At least you have someone age-appropriate to blame it on. Traveling with a child would allow me to rationalize so many of the weird things that end up in my pockets, and let’s not even talk about my purse.

  9. I have had panties fall out of the leg of my pants before. In class. Damn dryer.

    So, I feel ya.

  10. That would never, EVER happen to me.

    Because they would be Diego underpants.

    And there would probably be a matchbox car all mixed up inside them, like the lining of my purse.

    Motherhood, huh?

  11. What a funny and realistic story. My daughter is only 2years old. I know that my time is coming for all these funny situations. We are already having many of them. Anyway, the title of your post drew me in, and I am glad I stopped by. Have a great weekend.

  12. Wait, normal people don’t carry Hello Kitty panties in their pockets? I have a pocket (with Ziploc) for the potty-training accident victims, and another for the clean replacements. Oh, I carry Dora ones too.

  13. I would have a breakdonw if you did not buy Doritos.

  14. Hahaha. I rarely end up with Hello Kitty underwear in my pocket, but Thomas the Tank undies are in there rather frequently. Hilarious post. Glad no one searched you… hahaha

  15. I think the weirder thing would have been if they were adult sized Hello Kitty underwear in your pocket.

  16. I have a strand of fake pearls, a dirty baby spoon, and a minautre soup ladle, as well as a pair (clean) of Hello Kitty underpants, all in my bag along with my own crap.

  17. I once went to Home Depot and went to pull a gift card out of my pocket and realized I had on the wrong jacket when I instead pulled out a used tissue and Leo from Little Einsteins.

  18. I’m thinking you could easily pull that off. no worries.

  19. I’ve considered quitting the practice of carrying around a purse just because of the weird shit that ends up in there because of my kid.

  20. This story would have been very useful to me a few years back.

    Although it may have been less believable if “hello kitty panties” were replaced with “lacy white thong”.

    Still. It would have been worth a shot.

  21. Michelle says:

    See, my husband, a cop, can sympathize. He’s been driving around for over a week with 2 pr of pink panties belonging to our 6 yr old daughter. We just moved out of my MIL’s and apparently left them there. When he went to visit her, she just handed them to him, no bag or anything, so he just tossed them in the passenger seat of his car and forgot about them, until yesterday. All he needed was somebody spying them in his car at the jail and reporting it. Not a good career move!

  22. Adi Susanto says:

    very beautifuly….

  23. Well it is good to know that you didn’t mug a Japanese teenager…

  24. Well, it’s better than the time I walked through the grocery with a pair of my own underpants in my pocket.
    That morning, I grabbed a pair of jeans off the bedroom floor, got the kids to school, & hit the supermarket. I kept stepping on something. I reached down & pulled a pair of panties from my pantleg, tucked em in my pocket & continued on thru the produce section.

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