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Questions for You: Literary Edition

1) What is your favorite novel of all time? (fiction) 2) What is your favorite non-fiction book? 3) Name a book you just quit reading in the middle, something you just could not get through.* 4) Is there an author that you have read everything that he or she has written?** 5) What book made […]

Can You Help Me Occupy My Brain?

Is it possible for a person to contract male pattern baldness from watching Sports Center and drinking beer? Because I seem to be shedding. A lot.

Screwing Up Parenting One E-Mail at a Time

As you probably know, I have twins going into Kindergarten in a few weeks. 12 days, but who is counting? I am new to the public school system. I’ve never had a child in Kindergarten before, so I’ve been trying to pay special attention to the rules. I’m not really a detail person, but I […]

What Day is It?

That’s right. You heard her. Death Metal Wednesday. You heard it here first.

Karma is a Cruel Mistress

When I was in 10th grade a kid in my school came down with a case of German Measles. I don’t even remember who it was, but I clearly recall that the incident let to everyone in the school having to go get a vaccination in the library. I remember this because of my intense […]

Brand New Greatest Fear

What if one of them gets sick on the first day of kindergarten?

Foreshadowing (The Redemption of the Tooth Fairy)

Last night we were at my in-laws house eating dinner and we were discussing Claudia’s impending visit from the tooth fairy. As you can see here Claudia’s tooth was very loose. It came up that recently Devra’s younger son lost a tooth and then he really lost it. He eventually found it so it was […]


It’s weally, weally woose.

Questions For You: Quick! Before My Kids Learn How to Read

We haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have one very important question and some other questions of no importance whatsoever. 1. How much does your tooth fairy pay for a tooth?* 2. If I admit to my kids that there is no tooth fairy does that automatically give up Santa Claus […]

I Don’t Ever Want to Know the Backstory on This Sign

I am the only one who gets to make my kids cry.

Dear Jackass in the McDonalds Drive-Thru, Don’t stand there and say that is the only toy you have. You just handed me two happy meals and one had a bear and one had a unicorn. How can you lie right to my face? All I asked is if you had something more masculine. It was […]

Twilight Barbies: Now I’ve Seen Everything

You have read all four books, plus The Host. You saw Twilight seven times in the movie theater and you bought the special collectors edition DVD. You have the New Moon trailer saved on your desktop. You are a card carrying Cullenist. The only thing you are missing is Edward and Bella barbies. Luckily for […]