I Admit It

I read this headline and thought Wow, that isn’t very many.

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  1. Ha ha. I thought the exact same thing. I think they should have spelled out “two” and it would have made more sense. :)

  2. I get confused by headlines all the time and end up having to read the first paragraph to understand. I was confused too!

  3. OMG me too….It doesnt sound right at all, hee heee so its not just you…

  4. Did the same thing. “Gee, is the economy *really* that bad?”

  5. Hardy har har.

  6. Headline-writing was the most painful part of my blessedly short-lived high school journalism career!

  7. took me 5 minutes to figure this out… LOL

  8. if it makes you feel better it took me about a full minute to put it all together — two TYPES of phones with the google crap in them. Imma dork.

  9. Hahaa…I’m with Wendy…it seriously took me a good minute to figure out TWO types. Eh, I don’t keep up on technology.

    yea. Lets blame it on that!

  10. I had to read that three times before it clicked. I think that counts as a typo on their part, not idiocy on ours. I hope.

  11. Looks like the headline writer was pressed for space. :)

  12. I was sitting here wondering why it was weird that you thought that wasn’t very many. I mean, TWO! That’s not very many at all. Then I figured it out.

    We can be slow together.

  13. You funny.

  14. Okay, I had to read that a few times to understand. Too funny.

  15. Pink Zebra Comforter says:

    Isn’t it amazing what turn of events can take place? Appreciate you letting your readers know about this.

  16. Nobody knows how to right a proper headline these days… but then again it did suck me into reading it. What do I know.

  17. :)

    You rock for admitting it !!!


  18. I feel like a complete idiot, I had to look at the comments to understand what was going on. Maybe I’ll blame it on the “cluster headaches” I’m currently experiencing. Yeah – that sounds much better then I’m a complete moron.

  19. Man they better be pretty good phones then………..

  20. Ha! Well they might not be too far off, Sarah! All the pundits seem to think they will sell a lot of these phones — the same pundits thought the iPhone would sink without a trace. So I’m gonna go with your instincts here!

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