Hey, Look Over There!

I am gushing about my wine tasting at Shafer on The Whinery.

David Cross is bragging about snorting cocaine near Barack Obama (from MamaPop).

And I am looking for a job.

Hey, look over there!

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  1. How have I heard of neither the whinery or Schafer before now?

  2. LOVE the photo!!! I have a job…I’d rather be winetasting…

  3. The door handle by your head looks like a ponytail flying up, which gave the pic a more active feeling before I examined it more closely.

    Yea, I know, I’m getting old, the eyes aren’t what they used to be, but just go back and imagine it my way. It’s fun.

  4. Where? there goes janey with her new boyfriend…

    Is she really going out with him?

  5. Now, wine tasting would be a really good job to have…sort of. Love, love, love this pic — good luck!

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