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But Other than this I am Completely Normal

The other day at the bus stop one of my new neighbors was asking all the other ladies about where we got our hair cut. I didn’t say anything until she asked me directly. Because I get my hair cut in Tampa. Which wouldn’t really be that weird except I live just outside Washington D.C. […]

Caption This

I am 90% Sure this Jar is Hitting on Me


Really? Out of anywhere in the entire house you choose to sit here? Hi, my name is Sarah and I photoshop stains out of pictures of my carpet. I never thought this is how I would spend my time as an adult.

The Great Interview Experiment Rages On

You guys all know about Neil’s Great Interview Experiment, right? This year I got the privilege of interviewing Hilly from Snackiepoo. If you don’t read her, you really should. Need proof? Read this. Now without further ado, behold Hilly (and my mad interviewing skillz): 1) Where the hell is your about page? It’s right here! […]

Strange Days

Two night ago I was talking to my in-laws about going to the check out a caterer for my sister-in-law’s wedding and I actually said “I can’t go tomorrow. I’ve got to write my Top Chef recap in the morning.” And it was true. One of the most important things I do every week is […]

3 Unrelated Things That All Make Me Nervous

1) Driving behind motorcycles. I saw this really gory video in Drivers Ed and I’ve never quite recovered from it. 2) Snakes. Just in general. 3) The phrase “Mommy, What if I went downstairs and accidentally peed in the litter box?”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

It says “I love metal.” The apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree, does it?

As Promised: Questions For You

1) I finally finished “Infinite Jest”. What should I read next? 2) What movie should I watch that you think I haven’t seen? 3) What is the miracle cure I could use to ensure I am healthy in time to go to the Redskins/Broncos game on Sunday? 4) What two teams do you think are […]

Place Holder

So remember when I said I was back? I wasn’t so much lying as I was misinformed. Karma had other plans for me most of which involve copious amounts of mucous and trying to argue with a five year old even though I barely have a voice. Right. In lieu of new thoughts, I’ll just […]

I’m Back

I think I’ve been a little off of my game recently. Not just blogging, but in general. Yesterday I told my neighbor I would be convinced I had seasonal affective disorder if I were sad at all. I’m not sad. I’m just tired. Tired and lethargic. Getting out of bed is exceptionally difficult each morning, […]

Best Nickname Ever

I knew (of) this drug dealer in high school. They used to call him “The Duke of Herb”.