On Handwriting

This is for Beth.


Feel free to play along.

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  1. Is it just me or does your first “analyst” look exactly like your second “analyst” except for the crossed t?

  2. lol…i was going to say the same thing, Stimey! all you had to do to was cross the t, Sarah…

  3. I’d recognize that handwriting anywhere.

  4. Could you please edit this and sign your last name? No reason. I don’t know anything about that missing checkbook.

  5. All I know is that my signature has gotten worse and worse over the years, and I once read that is the mark of a criminal mind. The signature used to illustrate that point was Richard Nixon’s.

  6. Wow…my writing looks so messy in comparison. It’d be interesting to see even more bloggers posting samples of their handwriting. Except I have about 6 different styles.

  7. I think that the first 4 letters of analyst threw you off.

  8. I’m with Mad Woman. My handwriting is almost never the same style of handwriting every day of the week. But it’s cool to see what it looks like vs. typed word!

  9. I have forgotten how to write by hand since getting a laptop. Your signature says a lot about you. I’m not sure what. But something.

  10. I just did mine too!

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