I’m Going to Vote, but I am Still Mad at You

Dear Everybody Running for Everything,

At this point the best way to earn my vote is to promise to propose legislation to make all those damn automated phone calls telling me who I should vote for illegal.

Thank you for your time.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


ps – Stop calling my house after 8:30 PM, I have little kids. I hate you all.

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  1. You’re an independent, aren’t you? Maybe a not-so-reliable democrat? Or a maybe-we-can-swing-her republican.

    Don’t do that. Don’t be that. Be – or purport to be – a Die Hard Something or Other. Tell one side they can always count on you and the other not to bother.

    Then they stop calling. If both sides think you’re convincible, they will never stop targeting you.

    Swing that, baby.

  2. Aunt Chris says:

    Another tip is to vote early by absentee ballot. Once they know you have voted, they will stop calling. At least that works in Iowa.

  3. OMG – Sarah did you get a real person calling you last night at almost 9 pm?? I told (the poor girl) that I would NOT be voting for her canidate, and the only reason for my choice was that she called me a almost 9 pm on a school night.

    I feel like making a list at every election and voting for whoever does NOT call and leave me a lame message on my answering machine.

  4. OH! For Real. I make a note of who calls and vote AGAINST THEM. Unless I actually like them. Then it just makes me hate them a little bit.

    Stupid phones.

  5. I said something similar last night. Harassment is not a good way to convince people to vote for a particular candidate, and that’s exactly what those calls are for me.


  6. I turn my phone off once the kids are in bed. Want to get hold of me? Send me an email. It keeps the vast majority of idiots away from me.

  7. Oh lordy. Why these people 1) Need to call when the kids are in the bath and 2) Are calling someone who’s not a citizen and CAN’T VOTE FOR THEM is beyond me.

  8. During our election a couple of years ago we got a call from the now Prime Minister.

    It was a pre-recorded thing, but freaked me out at first.

    They should be banned. And the idiots that knock on the door at dinner time or 8AM ON A SUNDAY MORNING!

  9. it sucks because they are automated and you can’t even yell at someone.

  10. We have a privacy detector on our phone, those mofos can’t get through! Bwaaahaaaahaaa! Political messages BEGONE!

  11. Another reason why I don’t miss having a home phone.

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