As Promised: Questions For You

1) I finally finished “Infinite Jest”. What should I read next?Questions

2) What movie should I watch that you think I haven’t seen?

3) What is the miracle cure I could use to ensure I am healthy in time to go to the Redskins/Broncos game on Sunday?

4) What two teams do you think are going to go to the Super Bowl this year?




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  1. in no particualr order.

    The Saints…and some other team that will lose to them. Besides the Eagles the Saints are my team.On another note do you think Gruden would be a good coach in DC?

    I swear by TheraFlu and or hot toddies any time I am sick.

    If I were going to the Redskins game this week I would bring a book to read and that book I would bring would be The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. It is a quirky book about a guy who gets out of a mental home. It also involve a lot of Eagles (football) references.

    I am not too familiar with movies to suggest anything.

  2. Road Dogs, by Elmore Leonard (or Girl Clown, by me, but I am too shy to promote myself that shamelessly).

    The original version of Bedazzled, with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. It’s on TCM on 11/28 at 10pm; tape or Tivo it; it’s worth it.

    Cold-Eeze. Orange flavor is good. Also hot toddies.

    Super Bowl? Don’t really care, but hope the Saints are in it. However, for the Stanley Cup… I’d love it to be the Caps/Avs.

  3. I just finished reading The Wishing Year and it was a really insightful read. I have no idea about football but I kind of want the Giants because…well…I like them. I double up on that E supplement that I always confuse with doctors assisted suicide…..yeah, not going to think of it.

  4. 1. I’m impressed you finished it. I couldn’t. I would think it would make you swear off books for awhile.
    2. Hapiness (not the Will Smith movie with the similar name).
    3. You’d probably have a better time if you were sick.
    4. Sticking with my preseason pick: Patriots v. Vikings.

  5. 1 – Ever read Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins?

    3 – Sambucol, or any other immune-building Elderberry syrup works wonders for me. You can get it at health food stores (there’s a new HealthWay over by TJs).

    4 – It’s probably going to be the Colts and Saints, those bastards… lol Not that I have anything against either team mind you; better than the Giants!

  6. 1) I finally finished “Infinite Jest”. What should I read next? “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Excellent. Just Excellent.

    2) What movie should I watch that you think I haven’t seen? This should be easy, you NEVER watch movies. But I’m stumped. WAIT! ROCK STAR. Duh. You’ll love it.

    3) What is the miracle cure I could use to ensure I am healthy in time to go to the Redskins/Broncos game on Sunday? Elderberry root in hot water.

    4) What two teams do you think are going to go to the Super Bowl this year?
    Patriots and um…yeah, I don’t care.

  7. 1. Drood by Dan Simmons, just because I haven’t gotten to it yet and it looks lonely.

    2. Xanadu, it just popped into my head, I don’t know why. :)

    3. You can send me the tickets and stay home and rest if you’d like. Afterall rest is best.

    4. Broncos and Vikings – lots of history there with the losing team being the first to lose five Super Bowls, and when the Broncos win, they can say that they beat Brett Favre twice in the Super Bowl. Quite a feat no doubt.

  8. 1. The Story of Forgetting. Trust me, it’s good.

    2. Movies? What are these things called “movies”?

    3. If you’re already sick, rest and liquids. Doesn’t matter what they are as long as they don’t dehydrate you. Lots of both. And chicken soup. What? I’m old fashioned.
    If you’re just starting to feel sick, Zicam. Or the one/two punch of Zinc and Vitamin C in tablet form.

    4. What Vicky said.

  9. 1. Anything but Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons. I’m reading it now for a book club and it makes me angry that writing was ever invented.
    2. Sleeper with Woody Allen. God, I love that movie … even though I sort of hate Woody Allen nowadays.
    3. Rest, rest and more rest.
    4. I hate football but I’m hopeful that it’s the Packers and the Vikings and that the Vikings win because I like to see Packers fans cry.

  10. I’d answer the questions but the ad to my right says “Happiness is a Tim Gunn” and that is so crazy wrong that I can’t think about anything else.

    Until now.

    What kind of book do you feel like reading? Did you read Love is a Mixtape? I think you’d like it. Or maybe not right now. You might need something funnier…in which case I should lend you Then We Came to the End because Jonathan Ferris is awesome and it’s funny. I loved Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Ann Patchett’s books are my go-to recommendation but I can’t remember if you’ve read her stuff or not.

    Movie…I think most current movies suck. The last one I saw that I thought was really great was The Wrestler, which you’ve probably seen. SO, um, Smoke Signals? Did you see that? I still kind of love it. I also liked Lars and the Real Girl.

    Sleep is the only cure I know of and I hesitate to suggest that to parents of small children.

    And I have no idea but I hope it’s the Vikings so I can post more video of Jared Allen saying ridiculous things. I’m so shallow.

  11. Re (1) – I am not sure what you should read next, but I can tell you it should NOT be the girl with the dragon tattoo. No book should take 350 pages to get me hooked, even a 650 page book. Oy.

  12. Stephanie N says:

    I only have a response for #2: Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton. It’s my favorite. Few people have heard of it, I find.

  13. I don’t have anything for #3 or #4…but in answer to the others…

    #1 – “The 19th Wife” by David Ebershoff…or “Water for Elephants” by Sarah Gruen. I just finished reading them both and they were great!

    #2 – The movie “The Visitors” (it’s a little known movie) was fantastic! Just watched it yesterday!

  14. 2. Stealing Home It’s the other baseball movie that came out the same summer as Bull Durham. I may be the only person alive who saw it.

  15. 4. Please let the Saints be one of the teams.

  16. 1. Archie Comics. They have pictures and stuff.

    2. If you haven’t seen Taken yet it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a while

    3. Admit baseball is the better sport! :)

    4. Dolphins – Browns… don’t they both suck? I don’t watch football you know!

    Just found your site… love it…

  17. read ‘A GATE AT THE STAIRS” by Lorrie Moore.

  18. Ok I don’t really have good answers but here goes
    1) I don’t know, I just finished (and when I say finished I mean I stopped reading it 3/4ths of the way though) “The Outlander” don’t waste your time.
    2)You probably have seen it but if not, rent “Blood Simple” I loved it, but I’m a little twisted.
    3)Cure?-Sleep, Medicine? I think you should try to get back in touch with “the Duke of Herb’ MMM my favorite medicine and you don’t need a scrip!
    4) Superwhat?

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