I am 90% Sure this Jar is Hitting on Me

Please Touch

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  1. Dude. It’s totally hitting on you. It says it wants to ball you RIGHT ON THE FRONT.

  2. It is hitting on you. No doubt.

  3. I’m jealous it’s hitting on you. How can I get it to hit on me?

  4. At least it said “please” unlike other jars I know. 😉

  5. Why would I want to touch that jar? Where is the Purell?

  6. HA! That’s the most polite jar I’ve ever known.

  7. lumpyheadsmom wins the funny prize – but everyone else is right there too. Where on earth did you find this?

    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and your squad…

  8. Ummm, it still IS called canning. What dipshit wrote that display? People still can good god.
    Sorry, pregnant, hormonal, crabby.


  9. I feel bad for the jar. It just seems so…desperate.

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