The Key to Looking Younger

Twice this week people have told me how young I look.

First was my new stylist. She asked me if I was in school.

I looked at her like she had ten heads and I am pretty sure I said :No, I am a grown-up, but thank you for saying that.”

Then today the guy that was trying to sell me a new garbage service wanted to talk to my Mom. (Which he totally could have done if he was here last week, but I am still in charge of the major garbage decisions at my house. She can’t stop me even when she is visiting.)

I was feeling pretty youthful.

I was trying to figure out what is working in my favor this week? Did I lose weight? Is it my new haircut? Is it not wearing any makeup? Is it wearing dirty jeans and a ratty old sweatshirt from college?

Suddenly I understood.

I don’t look younger.

I am wearing a college sweatshirt.


Photo 81

I’ve been wearing it for two days.

And shut up, like YOU change clothes every day!

Oh, you do?

Well goody for you.

And I don’t look any younger. People are just literate and when they read “University of Central Florida” they think I am in college.

The key to maybe not looking young, but at least getting asked if you are young is to wear a sweatshirt with a college on it.

Note: I also have a sweatshirt that bears the name and logo of the preschool the kids went to on it. No one ever asks me about that one. Apparently I cannot pass for four, but possibly 22. I am okay with that.

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  1. Unfortunately, that particular trick doesn’t hack it when you work on a college campus, with 50,000 actual college kids running around in college sweatshirts.

    Still, maybe I’ll take my ratty college sweatshirt on vacation with me to surburban Seattle.

  2. My sister has been noticing that people think she is a college student all the time. She usually lives in CA, where no one thinks she looks 20, but in Ohio where she is teaching college for the year, people keep assuming she’s a student. Occasionally she is in grubbies or at her school (buying food at the student dining hall might make people think you were a student) but other times she is dressed up and doing grown-up things. She chalks it up to not wearing pantyhose. She thinks there is some sort of rule in central OH that you have to wear pantyhose if you are an adult woman.

  3. I am going to try wearing my college sweatshirt and see what happens.

  4. I wear ASU stuff and no one ever asks me that.

    Although, I usually only wear ASU stuff to bars to watch ASU play. And I suppose if I was a student, I would be in Arizona?

  5. I don’t own a college shirt. But I totally have been wearing the same trackies for two days. Why the hell would i change when i’m home alone, watching Tv and eating junk food?

  6. If you turn it around, it’s clean for four days. Ha.

    I was carded the other day and couldn’t figure out why. Got back to the hotel and realized I still had my hair in braids.

  7. I wear LSU shirts all the freakin’ time, and no one asks me if I’m a student. Just sayin’…

  8. One of my reps asked me if I was “like 28 or something.”
    I wanted to make out with her ON the spot.
    She will always be my favorite no matter what.

  9. That is too funny. Just yesterday at the gym I had worn one of my old high school tshirts and a kind elderly woman asked me if I was going to graduate this year and where I was thinking of attending college. Too kind.

  10. So that’s my problem. Instead of wearing literate college sweatshirts, I wear immature t-shirts. No wonder people think I’m old.

  11. I don’t think it’s the hoodie, though I am now going to try it myself! Do you think you look that much older than 22?! You don’t! Plus, I have met you in person once. This makes me an expert.

  12. First, regarding you wearing the same sweatshirt two days in a row? I am wearing the same jeans and the same hoodie I wore yesterday. And I work in an office. Luckily it’s with all men and they don’t notice outfits unless it involves short skirts. It’s comfy!

    I would say you could pass for someone in their mid 20’s. I wouldn’t put it entirely on the sweatshirt. I get that sometimes too (usually when I have no or minimal makeup and am dressed super casual), which comes in handy when someone knocks on the door and asks if my parents are around I tell them “no” and that I’m not allowed to talk to strangers. Then…door in face.

  13. I don’t want to discuss how long I’ve been wearing this get-up in different combinations, but I am on vacation.

    A lady in South Carolina asked me the other day when I’d be done with school. Haha, I said. Haha. I’m guessed as younger than I am all the time, but like I always say, “fat don’t wrinkle.” I also wear the Maryland stuff all the time, but I’d just own it that you’re wearing 30-something rather well. That’s what I do, and as noted I am older than you are. :)

  14. I got carded too – I thought the zits on my face and frizzy hair in a ponytail gave me my youthful look
    at least with your two-day-old uni shirt you have some kind of style.
    I’m going to follow your trend
    let’s start a fad!

  15. I wear the same clothes for days and I usually even sleep in them. And when I wear a college sweatshirt, people assume I have a KID that goes there. :-( And I say, “Yeah, in the class of 2028, asshole!”

    But I live in a college town, so they have actual college students to compare me to. I’m pretty sure it’s that and not the fact that I look old enough to HAVE a college student. (Which I guess I am.) Right?

  16. Your hair looks great!

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